For all the coronavirus naysayers


This is a special post for all the people that say coronavirus is not a big of a deal.

For all the coronavirus naysayers

This is what I see when I look out the window:

For all the coronavirus naysayers

And this is me today during the day:

For all the coronavirus naysayers

If people here were told three months from now that this would be their future, what do you think they reaction had been?

Perhaps like yours, maybe?

What makes you think this isn't going to be you? What's so special about the place your live compared with this one that will prevent you from having everyone infected?

What if we add we have universal high quality healthcare, and that the measures were taken at the right time? What will happen in a country where healthcare is exclusive, and the government is taking no measures whatsoever?

Make America Great Again.

For all the coronavirus naysayers
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  • NineBreaker
    During the first couple of weeks of this pandemic, I was traveling through a number of states. Shout out to Ohio for taking it seriously relatively early. Here in rural Texas though, it seems that no one is taking it seriously right now, even though the number of confirmed cases is increasing. Slowly, but surely, it's increasing.

    Forget about the news. Forget about what most people say. Listen to the doctors and the scientists. This is serious, largely because it's a lethal infectious disease that we don't fully understand how to manage it yet.

    You know what really makes me mad though? It's the people who are selfish and don't care about the well-being of others in their community. A lot of people will have COVID-19 and not even know it, but in the process, they will infect many people who will die because they are not healthy enough to fight it off. The most susceptible are elderly people, and those who have weakened immune systems (like people undergoing cancer treatment, immune suppression, hereditary immune problems, or diabetes), or have serious health problems already (like cancer, lung disease, and heart disease).

    I'm trying my best to help, and the least I can do is obey stay-at-home orders; i. e. the law.
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    • When people have health problems they listen to the doctor.
      When people have to build bridges the listen to the engineer.
      But when we have to do transcendental decisions for a country people listen to dickheads.

  • Passinggas
    Being that I have recovered through a positive it is difficult for me to be concerned about it—been there done that already. However, I am and have been keeping it to myself through isolation. I am not willing to surrender everything to this f-n bug that the f-n Chinese inflicted on us. The deaths of the less fortunates’, that immune systems couldn’t respond, blood will be on anyone’s hand that buys Chinese in the future.

    “What if we add we have universal high quality healthcare…” you are in dreamland; government healthcare similar to the old VA, would have been much worse. Take down some more drugs and search for reality.
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    • Passinggas

      by the way, if you were as sick as I was you wouldn’t be on this site now as I disappeared from here during.

    • Where I live there's high quality universal healthcare, like in many other places in the world.

      That is a fact, we are discussing rubbish here.

    • @Passinggase @s20490446e s20490446e is correct. Every other civilized location on planet Earth has universal health care. To say it doesn't work is fucking idiotic. It works and it has been proven over and over and over again. And if you notice, the USA was the suckiest at handling the coronavirus situation.

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Most Helpful Girls

  • DeeDeeDeVour
    We are all vulnerable to this pandemic and we cannot deny that this is indeed a terrible tragedy.
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    • In your opinion. I don't consider it a tragedy as there media is conditioning you too believe it's a tragedy in order to influence the November elections

    • @masonderek6994: I don't give a shit about the elections.

    • shane203

      @masonderek6994 the media conditions you to belive mass extinction of animles as a tragedy so you you not care about that too? just becouse the media plays somthing doesn't mean the loss of any type of life has anyless value.

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  • PetrovaFire92
    Yeah, it's really annoying to me when they say it's not a big deal 😑 YES IT IS!.
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  • masonderek6994
    This is a politically motivated tactic to instill fear in the public in order to influence the November election. The Democrats own the main steam media. Thurs is there stat to the transition to a one world government
    • One world government sounds good, maybe the dems deserve a vote after all.

    • Over world Gov't equals the end of freedom as we know it. So that means no more pay for work. I prefer to keep my freedoms guaranteed by the US constitution

    • One not over

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  • Liam_Hayden
    RE: The Media

    If that is the intention it is not working very well. Joe Biden has all but disappeared and when he does pop up even the leftists I know wonder WTF he's blathering on about. Even the Orange Clown's off-the-cuff remarks sound eloquent in comparison.
  • supercutebutt
    Great job, USA
    Great job, USA
  • RolandCuthbert
    I think the only reason why the case for universal healthcare is so powerful now is because this outbreak has shown that our current system is the worst. People are being billed tens of thousands if they don't have insurance for the test. Nothing is free. If we had free testing and leadership that had some common sense, we would have been out ahead of this weeks ago. So now, the virus will have this economy upside down for at least two more months, while South Korea has reopened their schools and their citizens are going back to work.

    All because it was cool to play politics with a virus outbreak. If a non-Trump supporter says something, it is automatically a conspiracy. No matter how many people die, no matter how much damage the lie does. There is some political advantage to be gained.
    • For me it's surprising that in the USA still don't have that. It's like living in ancient times.

    • It is the new dark ages.

  • Turkeyclub7
    You have to realize it is not anywhere as big a deal as the news is making it out to be. They are using fear to control us. Reports from Italy say 50% of the people who died with it had 3 comorbidities and didn't even die from the virus. The virus made no difference whether they lived or died. Also all over the world people are filming so called hospitals where the news is saying they are packed with Corona patients and they really aren't. The media is lying even showing movie clips saying it is dead people in coffins from Corona wake up!
  • WTFever
    And it's actually way worse then they are telling us. in between Jan 1, and Mar 31, China lost 21.4 million active cell phone users. Now, I know all those people didn't die, but I also know that the numbers of cases and deaths the CCP are reporting are insanely way too low. The actual number of deaths is probably closer to 500,000. I have a friend, she's a nurse in Wuhan, and she said the number of dead in Wuhan is just under 390,000 as of the 28th. But anyone who tries to post anything other than the official government numbers to social media disappears.
  • Meropatrick
    Dude ask this question in video, the same way you answer with a video. You are the future 🥳
  • crazy8000
    Are you dying?
    • No, cause I have very good health. Like a flu, if the symptoms are due to corona and not something else.

  • AsomwanGilbert
    Angry you hate form corona