🔪💥 21 Fatal Attraction & Stalker Action Films to Watch While Quarantined 💥⚰️


Ever dealt with a stalker? Yea well i hope you kicked buttootie as good as the people dealing with them in film.

Checkout these Must-See fatal attraction films (or at least their gifs) and let me know if you’re interested in watching any.



I mean, its in the title of this take for goodness sakes 🤷‍♀️ Gordon Gekko has left Wall Street. What could’ve been a happy life with a happy wife has been put at risk to have an affair with Cruella Deville. She skins his white rabbit like its the next Dalmation and throws that bit into a boiling pot of twisted seductive insanity 🤣 Will he be able to keep this a secret from his wife and child while fighting off Granny Hoodwinked?

🔪💥 21 Fatal Attraction & Stalker Action Films to Watch While Quarantined 💥⚰️


This ones got Claire Redfield whose clearly gotten bit by some sort of stalker zombie because she loses her shiiiiii and starts stalking Detective Luther. I can’t believe Becky with the good hair really think she's gonna steal another man away from Beyonce. Has she not seen The Wire? Has she not seen Solange throw hands in an elevator? 🤔

🔪💥 21 Fatal Attraction & Stalker Action Films to Watch While Quarantined 💥⚰️

#3 P2

Okay this one really isn't worth watching but Seneca Crane has left the Hunger Games and he has a new target in mind. For once, his night shift doesn't consist of running from Ghost Rider because he's too busy stalking his coworker Scarlett from GI Joe. I mean at least she's not living as much of a nightmare as she did in the Amityville Horror remake 🤷‍♀️

🔪💥 21 Fatal Attraction & Stalker Action Films to Watch While Quarantined 💥⚰️


Here we have Mr. Luther West thinking he found his Dream Girl in the Resident Evil Afterlife. He conjured up Miss Martian from the Arrowverse and tried to make her a happy wife but nonetheless he gave her a sad sex life. One might ask, “Why Did I Get Married?” I don't know hunny you tell me. I mean this was definitely a Woman Thou Art Loosed On The 7th Day because she was banging a diff dude on the daily until one finally becomes obsessed with her good 😺 *meow* and tried to kill her

🔪💥 21 Fatal Attraction & Stalker Action Films to Watch While Quarantined 💥⚰️



The Snow Queen has taken a break from Lake Placid and is on the hunt for an apartment. She needs a roommate and comes across Nash who has somehow escaped The Hitcher (original). This time around, she's the stalker rather than being stalked. Her body went from being ripped in half to now being too willing and too ready for the fun things she wants to do with Ms. Fonda.

🔪💥 21 Fatal Attraction & Stalker Action Films to Watch While Quarantined 💥⚰️


This movie is basically just about that. Well actually its about another Single White Female since they totally copied the movie. 🎶 I’m just a summer girl, I wear my flip flops, and when i stalk Autumn from 500 Days of Summer, thats when the party stops. Well who needs a boyfriend when she can have a girlfriend? 🎶 Yep Jackie Kennedy ends up rooming with a seemingly lesbian psycho... a Gossip Girl whos dang near her twin and clearly too Country Strong to take down.

🔪💥 21 Fatal Attraction & Stalker Action Films to Watch While Quarantined 💥⚰️



Instead of that sexy ole chocolate Chestnut being shot down by the Boyz N Da Hood *internally screams Rickyyyy* he has some young teen trying to pick him up. He keeps tryna tell her #MyAnacondaDontWantNone but she's a turkey basting biiiiish. Im a bit pissed that Brenda didn't go all Scary Movie since everywhere she goes, she sees the same hoes 🤷‍♀️

🔪💥 21 Fatal Attraction & Stalker Action Films to Watch While Quarantined 💥⚰️


Milady De Winter has left behind the Three Musketeers in search of “mothering” someone other than Ms. Patsy Walker. I dont think this lady ever plays a noncrazy character. Well who ya gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS! Wesley Snipes caught the Jungle Fever from his booty call, so instead they called up Winston Zeddemore to save the day.

🔪💥 21 Fatal Attraction & Stalker Action Films to Watch While Quarantined 💥⚰️



Here we have another idiot whos living a happy life with his soon to be wife YET he decides to sleep with The Perfect Score. Like i can't believe he left Bring It On to get it on with The Parenthood of all people. Man i bet he wishes he had a Clockstopper watch to go back and fix this moment 😂 Because she's no Mary Jane. This lady is psychoooo and addickted and will stop at nothing to make sure he’s swimming inside of her by the end of the night!

🔪💥 21 Fatal Attraction & Stalker Action Films to Watch While Quarantined 💥⚰️


Frankenstein takes the time out to head to New Jack City to stalk his favorite baseball player. The old Dirty Grandpa said screw Miami, im into playing with the big balls in the big league now 🙈 So he goes and kidnaps The Little Focker but little does he know, this guy was once a US Marshall.

🔪💥 21 Fatal Attraction & Stalker Action Films to Watch While Quarantined 💥⚰️


Mrs. Bates goes all Psycho in this movie. You literally want to throw Fried Green Tomatoes at Dolores Claiborne but her acting is so on point that you just want to clap instead. And while you’re clapping for her, she’s clapping back as an obsessed fan over her favorite author. She holds Piccolo hostage and well its literally like Brian’s Song all over again 😭

🔪💥 21 Fatal Attraction & Stalker Action Films to Watch While Quarantined 💥⚰️


The Bride returns for Kill Bill Vol 3 and this time she’s looking to blow dumbazz Cindy Campbell off the face of the earth. Its more like Superhero Movie 2 than another Scary Movie but I mean its all-in-all complete Idiocracy the way these ill-Legally Blondes fight over the Royal Tenebaum. This here's a shark outta water! Literally...


After Donna Tubbs takes a break from the Cleveland Show, she goes to battle a bunch of Aliens vs Predators but falls prey to a blue eyed monster who’s green with envy. She thinks he's a keeper but he's definitely one of the Takers. Hopefully she can Think Like a Man in order to overpower this one.

🔪💥 21 Fatal Attraction & Stalker Action Films to Watch While Quarantined 💥⚰️


Detective Rigg has returned for a new chapter of Saw. He should be focusing on solving the pieces to the puzzle but he’s too busy building a new battery. After all, someone's gonna need that extra battery life with the way he's draining Cookie Lyons energy all the time. She spends years waiting on Baby Boy hand and foot as he remains unemployed working on his invention. Eventually tired of little boy Rookie Blue’s BS, she decides to leave to find a new Hustle and Flow. Once he becomes successful off of the battery, she returns in hopes of rekindling but finds out he’s moved on. Well, she’s Not Easily Broken, but this is one Proud Mary who feels No Good Deed should go unpunished as she’s determined to steal the financial success she feels entitled to.

🔪💥 21 Fatal Attraction & Stalker Action Films to Watch While Quarantined 💥⚰️


There once was a Maid in Manhattan. She had Angel Eyes and a booty like Selena. She married into the Dynasty of a handsome Prince but he turned out to be another Ted Bundy. Out to dispose of her and gain full custody of their kid, he will stop at nothing. So does this Jersey Girl have a Backup Plan or what?

🔪💥 21 Fatal Attraction & Stalker Action Films to Watch While Quarantined 💥⚰️

#16 FEAR

Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch are back and theyre bringing the Good Vibrations. I mean I’m pretty sure it was a sweet sensation when he fingered Elle Woods on top of the ferris wheel 😬 Yup that happened and now Daddys Home willing and ready to kill her father to assure he's the only man she ever calls daddy again. Hella weird right? Max Payne has transformed and is bringing the Pain & Gain. Sometimes a restraining order just isn't enough to help a Legally Blonde win the case 🤷‍♀️

🔪💥 21 Fatal Attraction & Stalker Action Films to Watch While Quarantined 💥⚰️


All the Boys Love Mandy Lane but not all the boys are loved in return. Can’t believe Mike went from being a goody two shoes in the Twilight saga just to be reborn bad. This movie is good but basically a Fear remake.


Erin Brockovich basically marries the charming Robin Hood. But soon as she becomes his Pretty Woman, he starts abusing her on the daily. He’s as hypnotic as he was in Dracula and well Tinker Bell just can't seem to escape a mustache thats about as pedo-ish as that of captain Hook. So she decides to become a Flatliner and fakes her death. She flees on the Highway to Hell in search of NeverLand but King Arthur has his connections and just won't let her get away that easily

🔪💥 21 Fatal Attraction & Stalker Action Films to Watch While Quarantined 💥⚰️



Someone call 9-1-1 cause this hotties about to attack Jenny from the Block. It could’ve been a turn on except for the fact that she's playing a teacher stalked by her student. Like Lordy please just let his fine azz be at least 18 and legal cause J-Lo went lower than low in this one. Im gonna need her to Step Up like we’re watching World of Dance or something 😂

🔪💥 21 Fatal Attraction & Stalker Action Films to Watch While Quarantined 💥⚰️


I can't believe its only been the Day After Tomorrow and “The Perfect Guy” is now the playing the perfect victim. Even worse, The Rookie of the year Jim Morris has escaped the intruder of Cold Creek Manor only to become one himself. He sells his home to Cousin Skeeter and begins terrorizing the new residents of Eve’s Bayou. It gets really awkward when daddy Parent Trap tries to go Waist Deep in a D.E.B. 😆

🔪💥 21 Fatal Attraction & Stalker Action Films to Watch While Quarantined 💥⚰️


So Hit Girl totally sucked at Kick-Asss in this movie. She basically gets kidnapped by the Fantastic Mrs Fox and is mad she doesn’t get to go to Big Mommas House too. But It Follows her home and so does the not-so-dumb blonde from that movie. No but really its up to her save scary Carrie from this old red-headed wretch.

🔪💥 21 Fatal Attraction & Stalker Action Films to Watch While Quarantined 💥⚰️

I know this was confusing af but if you know your actors/actresses then the movies references make total sense. Okay no, its just me? Well fine then. Still make sure to check out some of these movies when you get a chance because I’d love to discuss. Although I’ll admit, some of these were so totally not worth watching. But ehhh i figured i’d throw em im there anyway. Its not like they were as bad as that movie Chloe.

🔪💥 21 Fatal Attraction & Stalker Action Films to Watch While Quarantined 💥⚰️

#FeelFreeToList #FatalAttractionFilms

🔪💥 21 Fatal Attraction & Stalker Action Films to Watch While Quarantined 💥⚰️
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Most Helpful Girls

  • CHARismatic110
    The Hand That Rocks The Cradle

    Hands down some of my favorite classics!!! When my boy Mark got to fingering ol girl on that damn ride I was too thru! Nicole 4eva 😂😂😂. Then in Swimfan when they did it in the pool sparked my pool fantasy. Plus I used to be in love with him. The scene from Hand That Rocks the Cradle where she gets fondled at her appt made me scared AF of going to the OBGYN. So much so that I didn't have my first appt until I was hospitalized! And Enough, I know all the words too. I was sooo mad when the guy from the restaurant turned out to be his friend all along and helping him.

    Great Take girl!
    Is this still revelant?
    • Thank you 🙌 and omg i loved the ferris wheel scene. The swimfan sex scene was hot!! If you liked that then watch the sex scene in Boy Next Door. Yea that made me scared to visit the gyno too. Enough is one of my all time faves. You haaaave to see Acrimony. The ending was crazy. The only one above I’d beg you to watch is Addicted 🙌 girl she had Boris, Tyson, and William

    • I've seen Addicted!!! Girl I read the book when I was younger so of course I ran to see the movie when it came out lol. And yes, she had all the fine ass men!! I think I'll check Acrimony out tonight, I heard that was pretty good. I've seen most of these movies listed tho. I think Acrimony, Boy Next Door, Greta, and Born Bad are the only ones I haven't seen

    • Born Bad was actually good for a Lifetime movie. Its basically a Lifetime tv version of Fear.

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  • Emilia_45
    Amazing job! 👏🏻👏🏻 This must have taken a while to put together. Thank you so much for this, and i’ll definetely be checking one of the movies out! 😊
    Is this still revelant?
    • Thank you!! I hope you enjoy :) and yea took about 12 hours haha

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  • JustinTheGreat
    The only ones I’ve seen are The Perfect Guy and Misery. I know them from my mom, she loves these type of movies. She’s also likes Obsessed, Swimfan, and Fatal Attraction but I haven’t seen those ones.
    she would approve of this list 😁
  • OlderAndWiser
    I don't watch movies that involve much violence or suspense. My empathy response is very strong; if I see someone get stabbed in the gut, my belly hurts!
  • nojokecarmichael
    The description for "addiction " 😆. You have some really good ones up there, "when the bough breaks" and " obsessed" has been showing on tv a lot lately
    • Yea im a cable girl so all these come on weekly haha

  • TremorJay

    #19 was a good movie

    The writing on this is impressive. Have you ever thought about blogging?
    • They kept telling me to do a blog but i dont feel i’d keep it up. Works been hectic. And thank you :) i think you’d like 9/12/15/16

  • KingdomForAKiss
    Single White Femals
    The Hand that Rocks the Cradle

    Good ones! Glad you mentioned Fear! I was looking for it on your list!
  • worldscolide
    I would add The crush. From 1993 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Crush_(1993_film)
    • I heard about it but never saw it so i didn't list it

    • Its creepy.. Really creepy. Basically an under age girl has a crush on a magazine guy, and it gets worse until she tries to kill him because she wants him so badly.. It was Alicia Silverstone's First movie..

    • Forgot to add, Awesome MyTake

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  • Porcelaine
    Wow, I've seen almost half. Dont know why I like movies with obsession element, serial killers, obssesive desires, something fascinating about that mentality. :D
  • Tstrbrainer
    I don't think I've seen any of these movies, so I'm following this. Thanks.
    Anyway I've heard about The Boy Next Door and maybe I've seen the 12th movie a little bit years ago.
    • Boy next door had a good sex scene but wasn't the best unfortunately. Her movie Enough was better

    • Yeah I know, that's why I still remember it 😜😜😜😜.
      Yes, it may not be the best.
      She can do more

  • 888theGreat
    Fatal Attraction was good, Single White Female was good, basic Instinct was good , also you left out the movie , A thin line between Love and Hate. Sleeping with the Enemy was good.
    • I left out Basic Instinct cause i haven't watched but omg noooo can't believe inforgot Thin Line and i was just watchin it this week haha

    • That one chick was a crazy witch.

  • Hans222
    Haha, not my sort of movie Desi, but a really nice take :D
  • LucyxD
    I had a stalker once. I was a barista and I guess he thought I was flirting when I was just talking to him and being nice. He came in so often that he learned the day and times that I'd be there. Then he started "popping" up in places where I was like grocery stores or food places. Then he showed up on campus one day. He said he was a volunteer but my gut told me it was a lie. So I knew what I had to do before things got worse.
  • Jjpayne
    I'm liking this a lot. I've heard of most of these but I'm thinking of watched obsessed
  • bklynbadboy1
    Is something wrong with me cause I liked every one of those movies
  • Heartonmysleeve88
    Thank you for this. I screenshotted all this to watch xx
  • sersss
    oh, goodie, now I'll have a whole list of movies to watch this weekend)))
    no... i've never had any kind of stalker... if i pop the trunk they'd be outtie anyhow... what do you mean by white rabbit? is that what they call it these days?
    ain't no one gonna take nothin from beyonce... she got the better hair in that gif
    and also... lawd have mercy
    what a piece of work
  • ThatGuy133
    Obsessed was dark as hell.

    One you need to check out is Secret Obsession on Netflix. The was twisted, I kinda knew what's up but I wanted to see how it played out. Just think memento meets misery
    • I haven't seen memento and i have cable not netflix

    • Well make it happen, you'll see what I mean. It's a B quality flick but surprisingly good

    • I dont like netflix. You know this

  • cheapshotbob
    iv seen them all but there is one you forgot to mention
    blue steel with jammie lee curtis. thats a good stalker movie
    • I didn't mention the ones i never seen

    • oh well you would like that one , its a good movie.

  • mimi051998
    I've seen a couple of these. I liked the perfect guy, Acrimony, and obsessed. I haven't watched the rest but I would love to watch when the bough breaks.
    • Perfect Guy and When the Bough Breaks were honestly not worth it. But you gooootta watch Addicted, Swimfan, Enough, and My super ex girlfriend

    • And Fear

    • Oh okay!! I'll put those on my to-watch list. Are any of these on Netflix or Hulu?

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  • MzAsh
    Omg I love these kind of movies! Also Poison Ivy (Drew Barrymore) and The Crush. Oh and Devil In The Flesh.
    • I remember the Poison Ivy trio films always came on Lifetime as a kid lol

    • MzAsh

      I’m a sucker for the 90s erotic stalker films lol

    • Watch Pretty Poison with grant show. Not stalkerish but it was good

  • spartan55
    ANYONE who ever thinks about cheating needs to watch Fatal Attraction first, then reconsider. Repeat as necessary,
  • justcurious2019
    i have see the boy next door it was very good i found it super hot is that weird i also have to say amazing mytake you can tell u put 30 mins or more into it A great job 👍👍
  • blkgold33
    I seen none of these I don't think there my kind of movie tho
  • ariadneR
    I have only seen 5 of those...
    But biiiitch... if any woman is stalking MY man, they best be ready. Mama is gonna knock your ass out
    • Lmao read through some of the ones you haven't watched 🤣 you should watch

  • kamalravi25
    1 Crush 2013
    2 Roommate 2011
    3 Friend Request
    4 Hush
    5 Psyco
    6 Knock Knock
    7 Scream
    8 Halloween
    9 Nightmare on the elm Street
    • Knock knock was dumb af lol. I was trying not to do cult classics like 5/7/8/9. Thats for something else

    • Then
      5 Nanny cam
      6 the gift
      7 only mine
      8 unfriended
      9 searching

  • Finchie40
    I dealt with a few and it’s creepy shit , I tried to kill them with kindness but that didn’t work , so I had to get evil to put an end to it
  • I've been stalked by girls and women for most of my life it's not been very good for the most part but some people are just crazy and those are the ones I kept away from
    • So I bought a Corvette and put my Bass case in the passenger seat and no one could get in at a stop light or any where else

    • Thats too funny 😂

  • SomeGuyCalledTom
    I don't see Audition on this list... :O

    That's some next level fucked-up shit
  • Dargil
    The prehistoric Clint Eastwood film Play Misty For Me.
    • I only listed the ones I've seen

    • Dargil

      Interesting to see Eastwood stalked.

  • theChineseWASP
    I'm not sure I would watch any of these movies sorry. I like feel good movies haha.
    • These movies make you feel good and then the characters suddenly die 🤷‍♀️

  • Aakash_Hangargi
    I have only watched boy next door she was a pervert 😂😂😂🚪
    • Lmao more like a pedo

    • He was grown ass man so she can't be pedo but cougar lmao😂👍

    • He was only 17 in the movie

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  • simplelikeme
    No thank you I'm okay LOL I had enough real life stalkers in my life, I don't need any movies to remind me of them LMAO
  • Kezzz
    I've never had a stalker so good for me. That is a good list though. Thnx for sharing
  • Mehzmeh
    Lol. Aka the profile of all if my ex girlfriends/wives. Lol
  • AlongCameCindy
    Oh I love some of these good taste
  • 1828avaava1828
    @WowwGirl relevant to what’s going on
    • Dont know what this take has to do with her

    • My stalkers are usually men

    • Some guy was impersonating wowwgirl and had been harassing her before that using different accounts. He originally named himself after me, but he got mad at Wowgirl and started making accounts to harass her

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  • DeeDeeDeVour
    Some of these movies were so intensely creepy.
  • scarlett774
    The roommate is one of my favorite movies
    • I personally didn't like it but i couldnt leave it out of the list. That belly button scene is unforgettable 🤣

  • goaded
    Not "The Three Musketeers", "Risky Business"!
  • Phoenix98
    Stalker movies really aren't my thing.
  • newfreshstart
    have you ever watched a a teacher's obsession
  • Bman4907
    If I wanted to watch stalkers, I'd youtube Adele.
  • moonpie89
    Only one I watched was Enough
  • ComradeCarabao
    Looks like a pretty solid list!
  • Dinosaursandanime65
    The killing is the best part
  • katieExplainsItAll
    Swf that bitch hedy was crazy af
    • Huh?

    • Single white female=swf.. the girl hedy aka the roommate was crazy af and slept with the roomies boyfriend and also stole her clothes.

    • Because she wanted to be her. It's a dope movie. Have u seen it yet?

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  • Tally_ho
    Sleeping with the enemy and enough are brilliant
  • Clarke498
    Lol, haven't seen a single one.
  • KathywithaK97
    The Crush is good stalker movie.
    • Yea i never seen it

    • is that the movie where the teenage girl was pretty much stalking her neighbor or something like that

  • Nawawee
    I have never had a Stalker