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Severance, Ben Stiller delves into Sci-Fi.


This series on Apple+ is top notch sci-fi. It is such a well-written show with an excellent concept. Imagine working in an office where your memory is wiped before and after you enter the workspace.

The series brings up many philosophical questions seeing that the workers have no idea about their life away from the office. They could be married, have children, or whatever. Their waking life begins with the elevator doors opening to their office and then closing behind them as they leave.

And they can never perceive anything outside of their office building. This sequence is insane, terrifying, and mind-blowing.

You have to watch the scene as though she is two different people inhabiting the same body.

But if any of you guys like good sci-fi this show is for you. I can't believe that Ben Stiller is actually directing this after all the goofy comedies he has done.

Severance, Ben Stiller delves into Sci-Fi.
Severance, Ben Stiller delves into Sci-Fi.
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  • MAC1983

    It is really a very good show and I would very much like to discuss it with you, but at the same time I have a thing with spoilers, I think maybe put a spoiler warning on an update to the question to get this "party" started?

    Too much to ask, maybe? OK.

    I don't know. How can I contribute without ruining the show for anybody? 🤔

    Well, you already have some details we can work with so let's go with that. I think something that might go less noticed is how this extreme Severance is a exaggeration of something all of us face: How to balance your personal and professional life.

    It uses that extreme, and all those rituals we see repeated on the show, to point a light to something we are seeing more and more in most countries: the way our humanity and labour, not to mention human, rights (maybe another comment we can get into it, I'll leave Human Rights aside now) are being put further and further below profit at all costs.

    What do we sacrifice for productivity? Well, Japan is not the only place where people die at their desks for those reasons. The shows is subtle but broaches it very well in one of the episodes, maybe you can remember which one it is.

    Another thing it deals with is trauma. I think the choice the main character makes is one many of would like to have possible, even if we chose not to use it: for some hours not feeling the barrage of feelings and damage losing a loved one entails. Indirectly, while we're watching him go back and forth between those two-for-one brain sci-fi extravaganza we see... This is a show that deals with pain.

    And finally, and this is something I caught beforehand and looked out for, the show is a bit of a detective game, since we see the whole day of the severed characters, who are isolated from those two sides. And there are many clues inside and outside the workspace that they can't process but the viewer can, for that reason.

    While some would say that makes it predictable at times, it's never obvious, so I think it's another layer that stems from the great writing and directing in the show.

    Hope noone throws a Spoiler Alert at me and hope it kicks off a good discussion.

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    • MAC1983

      Any thoughts, @RolandCuthbert?

    • I will get back to you. Out of town right now. Need a minute to collect my thoughts on your post.

    • Okay, I have to agree with you on this rub. The show definitely goes into this issue of personal vs professional life. But for me it is really about a matrix for exploitation. But in this case, the victims are willing participants. They participate in the victimization of a new entity, which is still basically part of themselves. There is no better illustration of this than when Helly's innie and outtie, meet via video. And the outtie tells her flat out, "you are not a person!".

      The outtie is making all the decisions and does not care about her other "aspect", suffering inside the building. Never having any rights, never having any access to the outside and totally and completely at the mercy of the company. She doesn't care as long as she can enjoy her life, which basically consists of getting all the money from the work her other aspect does and enjoy spending it and having a life where she pursue whatever passions she wishes.

      The only thing that bothers me is that it seems to suggest the old liberal idea that this is all because of a "system". And has little to do with the ambitions of the people involved.

      But anyway, I agree with you a bit on the issue of Adam Scott's character. He is easy to exploit because of his issues with grief. But the amazing thing is that all of them participate at varying levels in their own exploitation.

      I think the concept is what makes the show for me. Then it is backed up with great acting, great direction, and great writing. This scene was breathtaking. Denied by her own self dude!!!

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  • BlacklightShade

    I've heard about the show. I'll give it a try.

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    • It is really different. It does not have a ton of action. But the questions it brings up will have you talking about the show to your friends for days.

      I can't wait for next season.

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  • MountAverage

    My sister recommended it to me, I'm gonna start watching it in the fall. I have high expectations now!

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    • It is definitely worth it. There isn’t as much action. But the drama, the writing and the philosophical questions it posed keep your interest.

    • I prefer good drama over action anyway. And sci-fi stories that deal with philosophical questions are right up my alley!

    • You are in for a treat.

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  • Fuentes

    Oh yah funny you talked about this show I just finished the first season yesterday. It's Hella good waiting on season 2

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    • If I think about it too much I will start climbing the walls. Left us on the cliffhanger of cliffhangers.

    • Fuentes

      Yeah I feel you Milcheck or whatever caught him and he shut it off after he found out he shouted out what he found and then it just ended hhahaha that was wild also to find out about Helly that was wild too lol I saw it when it first dropped and I thought it was about a severence like a person got a payment and I said fuck that I seen the imdb ratings and was like damn I'm gonna check it out and it was good lol but I feel you shits wild.

  • goaded

    It looks like an interesting series, but I'll have to wait until it's on DVD or something.

    • MAC1983

      You can get one of those passes for Apple services in large surfaces for the price of a DVD and have access to their whole catalogue for whatever time it is worth.

      You aren't obliged to subscribe to it to see the show like you would any DVD, you just need a smart TV, or an apple TV, or anything that connects to your TV, really, like your smartphone, to use it.

      Just a suggestion of a possibility, for whomever comes across the question and your answer. Nothing more.

    • goaded

      @MAC1983 I'll consider it, but I have enough difficulty keeping up with shows on free TV. Thanks for the info.

    • MAC1983

      My pleasure, really. I understand you completely.

  • Anonymous

    I'm not into movies but the person on thumbnail looks trans. My problem is that we are indoctrinated into what a man or woman is supposed to look like. A bunch of women will have low self esteem for not having that strong man face because that's what society praises, and really only 1% of all women look like that...

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    • Dude, nothing you state has anything to do with mytake.

      Also, this is a television series.

    • lol wow... an excuse to push your anti trans bs huh?

    • @Still-alive Dude, they are everywhere. And the funny thing is this. Whenever a woman disagrees with their politics, they immediately claim the actress is trans.

      So weird. I should have just deleted the post.

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