Severance, Ben Stiller delves into Sci-Fi.


This series on Apple+ is top notch sci-fi. It is such a well-written show with an excellent concept. Imagine working in an office where your memory is wiped before and after you enter the workspace.

The series brings up many philosophical questions seeing that the workers have no idea about their life away from the office. They could be married, have children, or whatever. Their waking life begins with the elevator doors opening to their office and then closing behind them as they leave.

And they can never perceive anything outside of their office building. This sequence is insane, terrifying, and mind-blowing.

You have to watch the scene as though she is two different people inhabiting the same body.

But if any of you guys like good sci-fi this show is for you. I can't believe that Ben Stiller is actually directing this after all the goofy comedies he has done.

Severance, Ben Stiller delves into Sci-Fi.
Severance, Ben Stiller delves into Sci-Fi.
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