The Worst Entertainment of 2022


This is just something I felt like doing. With so much CRAP out there, I felt it was needed to look back at some of the worst garbage put out there in 2022.

The Worst Entertainment of 2022
The Worst Entertainment of 2022
The Worst Entertainment of 2022
Yes, this was an actual plot beat in the show: Catcalling is worse than domestic abuse.
Yes, this was an actual plot beat in the show: Catcalling is worse than domestic abuse.

THE WORST SHOW OF 2022 (and possibly of all time):

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law (Disney+)

I'm not using hyperbole when I say Jessica Gao's She-Hulk: Attorney At Law is literally one of the worst TV shows I've ever watched in my life. Far worse than The Rings of Power or Netflix's Resident Evil, cause at least they don't spend the entire series insulting their audience and actually have endings!

It's so horrendously written, it seems like it was done on purpose. It's so unfunny, you never once think it's a comedy. And it's so bad at being a legal show, they don't even know the basics of how the US legal system or courtrooms work. They couldn't even be quarter-assed to hire a legal consultant on the show to tell them how!

Oh, and like everything else on this list, they viciously and maliciously attack their own audiences with woke harassment, name-calling, and bullying! Big surprise there. But the real thing is, how BAD the show is, while having the stones to insult their audience - and men in general - at the same time. You can't be this hyper-incompetent, while being openly misandrist and talking this much sh*t. It's insane.

That's why I said I wasn't exaggerating when I said this is literally the worst thing on television I've ever seen in my entire life. It combines The Last Jedi's cynical sh*t-talking and disdain for it's audience, with The Rise of Skywalker's hyper-incompetence and inability to do very basic storytelling or character development. Nothing is knocking this Everest-sized turd off it's throne anytime soon.

There was a no-budget fan-made She-Hulk web movie/mini-series made in 2008 by Garrett Gilchrist starring 6' tall amateur actress Kierstyn Elrod, called "Shamelessly She-Hulk" and despite its lack of any budget whatsoever, is literally better, funnier, and more honest than this Disney+ show in EVERY. SINGLE. WAY. It's even higher rated, with a 5.5 on IMDb, compared to She-Hulk: Attorney At Law's 4.9 rating. Just go watch that instead of this abomination on Disney+, even if it's still not quite "good."

Kierstyn Elrod in Shamelessly She-Hulk
Kierstyn Elrod in "Shamelessly She-Hulk"

Runner-up Selections:

- The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power (Amazon Prime)

- Resident Evil (2022; Netflix)

- Fairview (Comedy Central)

- The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On (Netflix)

The Worst Entertainment of 2022
Yeah, cause the 95% of people in the world who are straight, wanna pay money to go see *this*...
Yeah, cause the 95% of people in the world who are straight, wanna pay money to go see *this*...


Bros (Universal Pictures)

This steaming pile of sh*t is basically a gay p*rn, marketed to general audiences, with a thin plot to it. No, I didn't watch it. However, I did watch YouTubers shredding it to bits while describing its story. This movie cost $22 million and shouldn't have cost more than $2 mil.

What makes this movie extra bad though, besides being gay p*rn they they put in normal movie theaters, is their clear and direct "heterophobia" and how much they attack straight people in the marketing for this sh*tfest, including in the actual trailer itself. This movie is so goddamn gay, and it has nothing to do with being homosexual.

Runner-up Selections:

- To The End (the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez documentary; the second one, actually)

- Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

- Strange World

- Pinocchio (2022)

- Halloween Ends

- The Bubble

- Firestarter

- 365 Days: This Day / The Next 365 Days

The Worst Entertainment of 2022
Woke Row!
Woke Row!


Saints Row (2022 reboot; Volition/Deep Silver)

This game was first announced in August 2021 and had massive backlash, and a good 75-80% of the fan base hated the woke trailer and announcement. And what did their company, Volition, do? Mock the fans, of course! And call them all 'ista-phobes' while refusing to fix anything the fans hated about the trailer, story, or game content.

And maybe if the gameplay was good and not literally worse than it's 2008 predecessors, the story wasn't cringey woke trash, the game wasn't starring the least likeable protagonist and sidekicks in video game history, the game wasn't filled with game-breaking bugs and glitches that make it literally unplayable at times, the graphics weren't seven years outdated, the game had actual music tracks in it, and literally anything about the game wasn't beyond horrendous, then just maybe they could've gotten away with telling the fans of the old games to go eat sh*t. But I guess, we'll never know! Oh, and this festering turd was an Epic Games Store exclusive, meaning you can't legally play it on a computer without downloading this sh*tty storefront first.

I don't care what anyone says about Diablo Immortal; this game is *objectively* the worst game of 2022. Almost as bad as She-Hulk: Attorney at Law on the gaming end, but Volition didn't actually insult their fanbase as much for it to compete with She-Hulk.

Runner-up Selections:

- Diablo Immortal (Blizzard)

- Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Game Freak)

- Gotham Knights (WB Games Montreal)

- CrossfireX (Smilegate)

- Babylon's Fall (Platinum Games, Square Enix)

This country song, You Proof, apparently is bad.
This country song, You Proof, apparently is "bad."
The TRUE winner for Worst Song of 2022, though.
The TRUE winner for "Worst Song of 2022," though.


Morgan Wallen, "You Proof" (Country)
L'il Pump, "Mona Lisa" featuring Soulja Boy (Mumble Rap/Trap)

Okay. To be honest, I haven't cared about mainstream music since Kendrick Lamar in 2013. And to be even more honest, I mostly don't care about mainstream music in general. Sure, I like Eminem, Jay-Z, and a few others. But I'm not much of a music person and you couldn't pay me to use Spotify. So I had to look this one up. The one that keeps coming up over and over again, on every list, is some song called "You Proof" by Morgan Wallen. Never even heard of this before. So... There ya go!

I don't like any country music at all, but for a country song, it doesn't sound that bad, and it doesn't have that many dislikes on YouTube, so who knows! Maybe it's only so hated for stupid, superficial, woke-based reasons or whatever. Or maybe it's extremely overplayed in certain markets; I dunno! But I don't think it's all that bad. Rather listen to this fifty times than Despacito again. 2017 was a long year due to that damn song.

After finding out all the other bad songs though, one is clear and above legitimately BAD though! Not simply a matter of taste, but just musical ass. The audio equivalent of a smelly elevator fart. L'il Pump's "Mona Lisa." Only reason I'm not putting it as THE Worst Song of 2022 is cause I already typed all this crap for the generic country song. But Mona Lisa is objectively far worse. It's legit dog-sh*t!

Oh, and by the way, I've never heard of these other songs mentioned either, but people who actually do like music, all say they're pretty bad, too. Especially 10 Things I Hate About You, and Emo Girl.

Runner-up Selections:

- Leah Kate, "10 Things I Hate About You"
(appears on every "Worst songs of 2022" list; I don't think it's that bad; just generic and like it's from the mid 2000s)

- Machine Gun Kelly, "Emo Girl" featuring Willow
(appears on every "Worst songs of 2022" list; this song isn't that bad, but it is some generic, wanna-be Simple Plan bullsh*t from 2005)

- Taylor Swift, "Anti-Hero"

- Drake & 21 Savage, "Her Loss"

- DJ Khaled, "Staying Alive"

- Drake, "Falling Back"

- Meghan Trainor, "Made You Look"

- Who ya boi? - BONECRUSHER!
- Who ya' boi? - BONECRUSHER!

And that's all, folks! But here's a palate cleanser, for you! Listen, laugh, and enjoy! 😁

The Worst Entertainment of 2022
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