Powers of a Miraculous World

So I got into this Disney show “Miraculous: Tales of Lady Bug & Cat Noir” back in 2020. The storyline follows classmates/friends/families not realizing they’re related to or falling for one another’s superhero/villain alter egos. You will find times where there are crimes of passion, ambition, jealousy, unrequited love, good/bad parenting, love triangles, political issues, liars, stalkers, supposed cheaters and so much more within this world of rom-coms, action, and drama.

This show honestly felt a little like a late night soap opera that belonged on adult swim lmao! Season 1 starts off a bit slow but the show really picks up in seasons 2 through 5 with 20+ episodes per season at 15+ minutes each. There are also a few one hour specials that dig deeper into the origins of some powers.

Ladybug wearing several of the Kwamis
Ladybug wearing several of the Kwamis

Below, I will be introducing the kwamis that you see above. So take a look and tell me, which Miraculous would you choose to be the holder of? And whose outfit do you find appealing as well? If you decide to tune into the show, you’ll learn that some of these powers will later form a hybrid.

Mind you, each holder below already has these abilities by default— Superhuman Speed, Endurance, Strength, Stamina, plus the ability to breathe Underwater/in OuterSpace and withstand low temperatures in certain suits— but below I will describe the extra power each can grant.

(Top) Ladybug Miraculous Holders; (Bottom) Cat Miraculous Holders
(Top) Ladybug Miraculous Holders; (Bottom) Cat Miraculous Holders

1. Tikki the Kwami of Creation

—Ladybug Miraculous

Transforms into Ladybug, Cosmobug, Dragonbug, Multibug, Pegabug, Pennybug, Scarabella, Monarbug, Misterbug, etc.

Extra Abilities (Observant, Resourceful, Quick-thinker, Speaks several languages, Able to purify/heal corrupted people/things with the use of a lucky charm object)

My favorite thing about this Miraculous was MisterBug (the blonde dude in the center of the pic above).

See Transformation
See Transformation

2. Plagg the Kwami of Destruction

—Cat Miraculous

Transforms into Cat Noir, Cat Blanc, Lady Noire, Astrocat, Kitty Noir, Shadow Noir, etc.

Extra Abilities (Clever, Has Night Vision, Can Cataclysm aka Destroy anything touched)

My favorite thing about this Miraculous is that it reminds me of CatWoman and overall Cat Noir has one of the best sense of humors in the show. I also found Lady Noir and Cat Blancs outfit to be badass.

(Top) Butterfly Miraculous; (Bottom) Peacock Miraculous
(Top) Butterfly Miraculous; (Bottom) Peacock Miraculous

3. Nooroo Kwami of Transmission

—Butterfly/Moth Miraculous

Transforms into Hawk Moth, Shadow Moth, Monarch, Scarlet Moth, etc.

Extra Abilities (Telepathic, Mind Control, Power of Manipulation, Can sense strong emotions of others and use it against them to akumatize and turn them into villains)

My favorite thing is how hot the dude looks outside of his cringey costume lol

Peacock Miraculous and Monkey Miraculous
Peacock Miraculous and Monkey Miraculous

4. Duusu the Kwami of Emotion

Peacock Midaculous

Transforms into Argos, Mayura, etc.

Extra Abilities (Telepathic, Can create sentimonster villains based off of peoples emotions and force them to be obedient/loyal and have them destroy whatever they are told to)

My favorite thing about this Miraculous is the cool transformation.

Powers of a Miraculous World

5. Trixx the Kwami of Illusion

Fox Miraculous

Transforms into Rena Rouge, Rena Furtive, Volpina, Multiafox, etc

Extra Abilities (Cunning; Can create illusions and mirages to trick/distract/confuse/persuade others)

My Favorite thing is that this is hands down one of the best when it comes to a series of outfits and transformations no matter whose rocking the miraculous. I also like the main holder of this Miraculous. She keeps it real.

(Top) Snake Miraculous; (Bottom) Fox Miraculous
(Top) Snake Miraculous; (Bottom) Fox Miraculous

6. Saas the Kwami of Intuition

—Snake Miraculous

—Transforms into Viperion, Snake Noir, Aspik, etc.

—Extra Abilities (Granted as many chances as possible within a certain time limit to go back in time and correct any wrongs to better the timeline. Can remember everything that happens each time although everyone else will forget)

—My favorite thing about this miraculous is that Viperion has one of the coolest outfits and powers ever. He is one of the best holders to ever have a miraculous.

Powers of a Miraculous World

7. Mullo the Kwami of Multitude

—Mouse Miraculous

—Transforms into Multimouse, Multibug, MultiNoir, Multifox, Polymouse, etc

—Extra Abilities (Can shrink or multiply into several clones to disguise their true whereabouts)

Carapace and Jade Turtle
Carapace and Jade Turtle

8. Wayzz the Kwami of Protection

Turtle Miraculous

Transforms into Carapace, Jade Turtle, etc.

Extra Abilities (Unbreakable Force Shield)

My favorite thing about this miraculous is both holders and their transformations. One reminds me of Mr Miyagi meets Master Splinter. And the other always rocks the best kicks and can definitely dance.

Jade and Carapace Transform
Jade and Carapace Transform

9. Pollen the Kwami of Subjection

—Bee Miraculous

—Transforms into Wasp (Akumatized), Vesperia, LadyBee, QueenBee, etc.

—Extra Abilities (Venom that can paralyze its target)

—My favorite thing about this miraculous is the outfits and transformation but I cannot stand its main holder. Sisters take turns holding this miraculous

Bee Miraculous
Bee Miraculous

10. Barkk the Kwami of Adoration

Dog Miraculous

Transforms into Flairmidable, Miss Hound, Canigirl, etc.

Extra Abilities (Carries an unbreakable ball that can fetch/track/steal any object that it came into contact with earlier)

My favorite thing about this miraculous is how adorable Flairmidable looks in that orange. I love his outfit!

The Dog Miraculous
The Dog Miraculous

11. Ziggy the Kwami of Passion

—Goat Miraculous

—Transforms into Caprikid, Safari (Akumatized), etc.

—Extra Abilities (Use your imagination and draw/paint anything that comes to mind and watch that innovation come to life; Example- the Ladybug Miraculous gives you what you need, but you must figure out how to use it. The Goat Miraculous, gives you what you want but there’s no guarantee it will be useful since its not magical like a lucky charm)

My favorite thing regarding this miraculous is definitely the badass Safari transformation.

Goat Miraculous and Prodigious Prototype
Goat Miraculous and Prodigious Prototype

12. Renling the Kwami/Prodigious

The OG/The prototype that was abandoned for all the other miraculous above and below to exist (so technically not an option to choose from but still an origin I wanted to mention)

Transforms into Lady Dragon

Extra Abilities (Shapeshifter; Its more powerful than any miraculous as it can transform into 8 different animals based off a certain emotion embodied within the moment; Can seek justice to turn into a Dragon, possess calmness to turn into a Bear, show compassion to turn into a Monkey, display discipline to turn into a tiger, be confident to transform into an Eagle, show honor to turn into a horse, be patient to turn into a Mantis, be courageous to turn into a Snake; The Dragon is its strongest form and can manipulate weather elements)

My favorite thing about this is that it reminds me of Beastboy from Teen Titan and gives the holder like the best hairstyle and powers ever lol!

Powers of a Miraculous World

13. Longg the Kwami of Perfection

Dragon Miraculous (Example of a Miraculous created from the Renling Kwami prototype split)

Transforms into Ryuko, Dragonbug, etc.

Extra Abilities (Can control the elements specifically water, wind or lightning)

(Top) Dragon Miraculous and Horse Miraculous; (Bottom) Rabbit Miraculous and Horse Miraculous
(Top) Dragon Miraculous and Horse Miraculous; (Bottom) Rabbit Miraculous and Horse Miraculous

14. Kaalki Kwami of Migration

—Horse Miraculous

—Transforms into Pegasus, Pegabug, etc.

—Extra Abilities (Able to teleport)

—My favorite thing is that he has one of the coolest transformations and best costume styles. Its like Blade but with dreads lol.

Powers of a Miraculous World

15. Fluff Kwami of Evolution

—Rabbit Miraculous

—Transforms into Bunnyx, Rabbit Noir, Pennybug, etc.

—Extra Abilities (Can create portals/rabbit burrows to travel into the past and future; if you’ve seen the Flash, you know how this can backfire)

—My favorite thing is the cute outfits and how cool the adult version of bunnyx is.

Monkey Miraculous, Eagle Miraculous, Pig Miraculous, Ox Miraculous, Rooster Miraculous, Tiger Miraculous
Monkey Miraculous, Eagle Miraculous, Pig Miraculous, Ox Miraculous, Rooster Miraculous, Tiger Miraculous

16. Stompp Kwami of Determination

—Ox Miraculous

—Transforms into Minotaurux, etc.

—Extra Abilities (Basically a Human Shield; Alexa, play “Can’t Touch This”; Immune/Able to resist other’s abilities and can withstand attacks without Damage; Can’t even be affected by the cataclysm; nearly invincible)

17. Roaar the Kwami of Elation

—Tiger Miraculous

—Transforms into Purple Tigress, etc.

—Extra abilities (Charges fist with clout and packs a powerful punch that basically creating a shockwave of energy and blows everyone/thing back)

—My favorite thing is the transformation and cute outfit for sure.

Powers of a Miraculous World

18. Orikko the Kwami of Pretension

—Rooster Miraculous

—Transforms into Rooster Bold, etc.

—Extra Abilities (Can give yourself certain super skills/talents/abilities like cataclysm or lucky charm)

19. Xuppu the Kwami of Derision

—Monkey Miraculous

—Transforms into King Monkey, etc.

—Extra abilities (Can disable others powers for a while)

20. Daizzi the Kwami of Jubilation

—Pig Miraculous

—Transforms into Pigella

—Extra Abilities (Can reveal their targets deepest desire often to distract them or revive them from akumatization)

Powers of a Miraculous World

21. Liiri the Kwami of Freedom

—Eagle Miraculous

Transforms into Eagle

Extra Abilities (Can free a person from mental/emotional nerves/manipulation allowing them to be courageous/rebellious)

22. Aeon the Android

Technically a robot rather than a kwami/miraculous

Transforms into Uncanny Valley

Extra Abilities (Can fly, has laser vision, can hack things, can alter her own memory to forget things since she is the only one able to know everyones true identity behind their mask)

Well, thanks for checking this out. Here’s a little summary episode of what goes on in the show. Its technically not a spoiler since the timeline is rewritten A LOT. Enjoy!


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Powers of a Miraculous World
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