G@G Members help with buying an instrument?

So I need advice. My boy is in Elementary School and wants to try the trombone. He has no musical experience prior to this. The school is no longer offering rentals so we have to deal with private stores. The price is quite steep to spend on a rental and in the end of the 10 month Rental it is like $50 less compared to just buying one.
And I'm also faced with the fact in the child may or may not want to continue playing the instrument. Also if he decides to play the instrument next year I will be faced having to repay for a rental or be faced with the choice of paying $50 more to own it. So if he chooses to continue and I didn't buy the instrument I will basically be paying double.
There is an alternative for roughly $70 there is the blue plastic trombone for starters. However the sales lady who I assume is working on some sort of commission here was adamant not to buy it and go for the more expensive metal Trombone for the best quality.
So anyone have an opinion on budget friendly instruments meant for beginners vs higher quality instruments meant for beginners or experienced players?
What what you do?
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1 The schools use to offer free borrowed instruments for low income families or low cost rentals for the others but since COVID they are no longer permit to do so.
2 It's a requirement to take a musical class band orchestra or chorus. Once the child signs up for one they are not permitted to quit. So what he choose he will have it for one school year.
3A I'm Looking advice on plastic vs metal students grade instruments
3B would you choose: to do Buy the plastic or mental or rent
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For those who didn't know what plastic would sound like



Thank you for all the input. Still weighing out all options including looking online for used.
G@G Members help with buying an instrument?
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