When You're The Older Sibling

In terms of siblings I have one younger brother who is almost 13. It's just me and him, and if you haven't worked it out by now, I'm the older one. And I just thought I'd write a fun little MyTake expressing my feelings as an older sibling and what comes with that deal.

1) They Think You Know EVERYTHING

Me as an older sibling xD
Me as an older sibling xD

I've had my brother ask me some of the most most random questions ever and my response to him is usually something like:

"I don't know!! How do you expect me to know that??"

Or my brother does anyway.

It's funny but for real, they think you know EVERYTHING like you're a human version of wikipedia or a library or something!

2) You Feel SO old

When you're The Older Sibling

My little brother doesn't do this intentionally, but he always makes me feel old, with his fortnite, and his 'slang' I mean once I said do do and then I laughed because I said 'do do' his response was:

"You do do at fortnite!!" - like what does that even mean?

Then there's this insult him and friends use as a joke, calling each other 'sweats' like I don't know what that means either.

And when I talk about some of my childhood things... He doesn't even understand which makes me feel SO old!

Like, once I was telling him about what one of my teachers said, how she was going to call her son 'Troy' but then didn't because she had a daughter called 'Gabriella' and how the class found that funny- and understood why she couldn't name her son 'Troy' because of that and he responded with:

"Troy and Gabriella? I don't get that." Then I realised he probably doesn't remember 'High School Musical' because he was just a baby when I used to watch it. I'm so old.

3) Attending The Parents Evenings

When you're The Older Sibling

Now when my parents go to his parents evenings they usually make me come along because:

A) I know the new grading system better than them, so I'm like the translator.

B) I know the school building like the back of my hand

And usually when I go to his parents evenings it's awkward because either so of the teachers get confused because I look like I'm his age, and they're thinking: "I don't teach this person, do I?" and then they usually say that and it's like:

"Nah, I'm just the sister here so my parents don't get lost."

OR the teacher has taught me before and they're like:

"Woww you two are RELATED??? I see it now!!" And after we've done his whole parents evening thing the teachers who taught me before usually want to catch up with me like:

"How is *the subject they taught me in* going?"

"How are things?"

"So what are you doing now?"

It's nice and really sweet, but it's also kind of awkward.

4) Embarrassing Them Somehow

This is me xD
This is me xD

I love embarrassing him.

Any oppurtunity I get my Spidey senses sense an oppurtunity to embarrass him and if I'm feeling like I need to laugh, I'll do it.

When he was at primary school, I used to pick him up- and sometimes I'd try to hug him and stuff in front of his friends to embarrass him.

But now he's at secondary school and walks home himself, so... I'll have to find another way... ;P

5) Insults

I like this pic so it stays xD
I like this pic so it stays xD

I know this can be a thing if you're the younger sibling too, but I'm including it anyway.

When we insult each other, it's in a joking way- we don't mean anything we say, it's just how we bond.

Like sometimes the room is just silent and one of us goes to the other:

"Errr, you're disgusting. Little shit."

And it usually just carries on for a while, until we decide to shut up.

6) Telling Them Stories From When You Were In Their Year At School

When you're The Older Sibling

Honestly, I have so much stories from my school days when I was at my brother's school.

And he hardly believes any of them like: "No, that wouldn't have happened"

Even though it did. Like the time a teacher jumped up on the table pretending to kill a student, or the time one of our teachers sang to our head of year a song which they shouldn't have sang in front of us, there's lots of stuff.

But some of the stuff he does believe because he knows crazy stuff can happen at the school, just some of it so crazy it doesn't sound believable.

7) "No, that's not how it works"

When you're The Older Sibling

Is something I often find saying to my brother.

Because I don't know, I can't think of an example now, but I often find myself saying that to him and having to explain how 'it' actually works lol.

8) Tricking Them

When you're The Older Sibling

It's getting more difficult now because he's getting older, but I still manage to sometimes. I mean when he was younger it was so easy because he easily believed anything.

Once recently, I managed to trick him into believing that Mary Poppins was from an notorious area in our city, and he believed me, then when I told him I was joking he denied he believed me, but he did, I know he did.

9) Helping With Homework/School In General

When you're The Older Sibling

So, when I was stuck with my homework, I tried getting my parents to help me, and often, they tried but they didn't know because back in their day, they used all these different methods and stuff, so I'd usually just go on to help forums and hope for the best.

For my younger brother... I am the help forum. Most of the time, he's okay on his own, but sometimes he needs help, so when he does he comes to me.

Last year he started secondary school, and I helped him prepare, helping him learning to tie a tie, getting the equipment ready for secondary school, etc. And this year, he gets to pick his GCSE options and I've asked him what will he pick and he's unsure, so, he'll probably need some advice on that too.

One time he said to me (I couldn't tell if he was serious or joking- I hope he was joking lol):

"Can't you just pick?"

And I was like:

"No. Because they're not my options, they're yours- you'll be the one studying them for the next 3 years, you'll be the one who gets the qualification."

So yeah, I'm not going to pick what he does for him- but I'll help him.

10) Whether You Like It Or Not You're A Role Model

When you're The Older Sibling

So, they may not say it directly to you and you may not ask to be but the reality is younger siblings watch what you do and often use you as an example to copy from.

So far I think I've been a good role model for my little brother, I was a good student at school, I'm a good student at college, I don't get into fights and stuff, I do work for my community, I'm pleasent to people I meet.

And similarly, he's a good kid at school who hasn't gotten into any fights or anything, he gets on with his work, he doesn't skive, he only takes time off if he's ill.

But yeah, one thing you have to remember as an older sibling is the younger sibling is always looking at what you do in your life. If you're a good kid at school, they're more likely to be a good kid at school because they've seen your example. They learn from you.

Any last words?

I hope you guys enjoyed this MyTake. I wrote it because, why not? I just felt like writing it because again, he's sat across the room with his mic on, talking to his friends playing fortnite using words I don't understand making me feel old. xD

Thank you for reading :) <3

When You're The Older Sibling
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Youryeodongsaeng
    Being the oldest out of my 7-year-old stepsister, my half-sister, who is 11, my half-brother, who is 9 and my baby half-sister, who is going to turn 1 tomorrow (she isn't in this, she's an adorable little girl ^-^). They bug the hell out of me. They get on my nerves so much. When my little brother isn't having his day (which is almost every day now) he'll try to explain something that doesn't make sense at all. His IQ is as low as his dad's. He is so stupid, I don't care if he's not my full-blooded sibling or not. He's so damn retarded, I can't even-

    My half-sister has indeed a low IQ like her brother and dad. She used to look up to me and loved me like a big sister that I am now, but now, she hates me and wishes that I was pretty and didn't like girls. She'll never learn anything. Both of their tempers are like their dad's. They are all such a pain in the ass.

    I can't get through my depression like this. They treat me like shit. My half-sister disowns me. She disowned me two, three or four years ago. She grew up too quickly and think like a grown-ass ghetto woman. She even said I sucked penises and had sex with many guys, which is obviously false.

    The 7 year old, she isn't full hands. She's just quiet. I and she are barely close.
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    • Aww I'm sorry to hear you're going through such a hard time. :(

      Is this all because you like girls?

      If you ever need to talk, my inbox is always open. :) <3

    • I don't just like girls. I'm Pansexual. I love any and every gender.

  • DeeDeeDeVour
    I have 2 older brothers. When we very little kids, they were rough to play with and I got used to that. As we got older, I preferred to play with boys because the rough stuff was more interesting & exciting. But, every time my boy friends & I wanted to watch my brothers & the other older kids do their usual wild & crazy things, we'd all be told to scram or we'll get our asses kicked by them. Nowadays, they always check up on me & offer help if I ever needed any. They've been hanging out a lot with my husband ever since we returned to California & got married.
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Most Helpful Guys

  • KyleAsks
    What a piece! Impressive. Enjoyed the read. I unfortunately don't really have an relationship as such with my younger siblings due to adult life and age gap.

    My brother is turning 6 next month and my sister is 2 and a half. I'm 24. Hard to have a relationship with that gap. Especially when I don't ever want children.
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    • That's understandable with your age gap. Sometimes I wish I had baby siblings because I love kids. xD

      Do you ever play with them or anything? I have younger cousins and when I visit them I usually play with them. Like one of them, wanted to count so we played a counting stones game in the garden and then we split up the stones- it was cute xD

    • KyleAsks

      Honestly for me, I find it awkward around them. They don't feel like my siblings, I don't feel I have any. I wish we grew up together because I was so used to being a only child. I always wanted a brother or sister to play with. Now I don't want kids and don't enjoy being around them, it's unfortunate but I guess it is what it is!

  • tartaarsaus
    I do insult, embarass, tell them about how it was in school in my time with my little brothers.

    But they are dicks to me and they dont think I know everything. Then again, I do the same to my older brother!
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    • I can relate xD

    • I kinda do tell my brother the degree he is doing (with a lot of my help which I mention) is kinda bad, which is rather mean.

      It was a nice mytake to read! But the order of things was a bit weird, did you miss tht?

    • G@G messed it up. I've fixed it now though. xD

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  • Blitzkrieg_88
    Being the older one is usually keep a you up, espicially when they make all the stupid stuff you did.
  • BrokenMoon
    My sister is 11 and my brother is 4. They are annoying and retarded. I look like I'm the middle child (I'm the oldest on my mother's side and the second youngest on my dad's side but I don't see the half siblings). When my sister tells a dirty joke and I don't get it, it's really sad. I'm the smartest and basically have to do everything because they don't have a big enough IQ to do it. And overall no one likes me so yeah.
  • hinatahyuga
    I have 1 older sisters 2 older brother 1 younger sister 1 younger brother and a twin so i bascially have every sibling people wish they had ๐Ÿ˜Š
  • Lemia
    Your brother is still quite young and still is learning that your older but it doesn't mean you know everything. She try and put yourself in his shoes.
  • Sevenpointfive
    hah, just wait. when their balls drop and you become the hot sister lol
  • Apple1996
    I'm the baby in my family so can't relate. But I was very annoying to all my siblings๐Ÿ˜†
  • Great mytake. I'm a only child. But you make some great points about being a role model.

    You're probably a great older sister.
  • bolverk
    Bin there, done that times four, but I will always be the elder brother who will mallet the hell out of anyone who causes them grief, such is family.
  • CubsterShura
    #11 telling your younger sibling that he/she is adopted.
  • sofia_sitnikova
    I'm the middle child ๐Ÿ˜€ I have a sister who's currently 11 and another sister who is 16
  • Ashleyarn123987
  • Gods_Gift
    This is in a strange order. 1 then 10 down to 2.
    • I know, I know, when I uploaded the take, G@G messed it up, but I've fixed it now- don't worry lol, I can count. xD

    Lol welcome to the club. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  • Markella001
    Isnโ€™t this what little brothers/sisters are for?