To my "best friend"

To my best friend

You called me your "best friend" but where are you? After all the times I was there for you, made time for you, sacrificed for you, you disappear. You were struggling mentally, physically, financially. I tried everything in my power to get you out of it. Every step of the way I was there supporting and encouraging you. Everyone told me I was better off letting you drown on your own and that I was better off avoiding people like you. I went against them all because I cared about you! I couldn't just leave someone in need.

You say you "miss me" but where's the effort. You only speak when I reach out. You barely speak, you give me short and dry responses until I just give up talking.

I confided in you, told you how sad and disappointed I was feeling. You barely acknowledged my pain and quickly turned the focus back to you. Brushed off my issues and was more interested in telling me about a whore trying to fuck you.

You wanted me and when I rejected you, you stopped being around. I thought the friendship was real, but really you were working your way into my pants. You lied and said that no matter what we were, you would be by my side. I gave so much to you out of the pure kindness of my heart. I wanted to see you do well and you just wanted to see me naked. I wanted to be a good friend to you but you didn't appreciate all that I have done for you. I empathized with you, your pain was my pain. You didn't care about my pains though. You faked it real well at the beginning, but where are you now?

To my "best friend"
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  • bulletbob555
    Well I'm sorry You are going through this. We all have unfortunately. You can get mean and never be nice to someone again or heal and hope the next person won't be the same. I hope Thats is what we all choose to do. Possibly he is a narcissist not just a bad example of a man
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  • KrakenAttackin
    Which is why men and women cannot just be friends.
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Most Helpful Girls

  • GraveDoll
    Don't take it too personally. they probably shit to everybody they know im sure.

    if anything be glad you learnt a lesson and to be leery next time.
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  • DeeDeeDeVour
    That's unfortunate for you. He's simply a user and not worth your time.
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  • Michael510b
    I have done this a few times, jadded is what they call me now.
  • rickle
    I'm right here
  • Anonymous
    I get it... believe me... I’m currently experiencing the same issue