LOVE, Don't you dare bite the dust!.


Why is life a Battle...

To protect the things & people we love and keep fighting for it & them... Even though it hurts like hell!... We just wake up every morning and keep going, with Trickle of hope that we have left in us!... Why?
Do we have a choice, a tug of war between our logical choice and our emotional pillars!...

This could be us losing a family member, a friend, a life partner, your pet... So much pain!...

LOVE, I think, I have found its address, it is that version of you standing on the edge of a cliff, on the foundation of your emotional pillars, and hold together in a place by strands of your logical choices and decisions.

But when another one bites the dust, your LOVE falls off those emotional pillars, the strands of your logics fails to keep things in place, Pain increase as one by one each strand is severed and you are left in a situation of "Nothing feels right, everything is a mess."

Off the cliff, the version of you goes, in a freefall, not knowing how long will it go down maybe into oblivion, how hard will it hit, all you can say is, "I will never be the same ever again."

But once you hit rock bottom, and the world stops believing in you, all you want and need is just one person who believes in you that you can climb from the bottom of oblivion, the whole cliff and find yourself one day standing on those emotional pillars again, tugged safely into the strands of your logic.

life is a climb, but the view is great
life is a climb, but the view is great

The Pain will fade away, but the scars will always remain as a memory burned by the darkness that once engulfed you.

Oh Yes!... the PAIN, don't hate it, it is the most real evidence that what you had with the one you Loved, it was REAL.

It was REAL, more real than every fiction story of Romeo and Juliet or Christian grey and Anastasia steel that you have seen or heard.

Endure that pain, let it flow, like the Nile Casting life into the desert of Egypt.

If you stop that pain, I promise you, you will be barren off your emotions in a matter of time, and no longer be able to experience this beautiful thing called "life".

But if the Pain flows through you, I promise you it will Hurt, hurt like never before, but it will soon bloom the dying terrain of your emotions, it will heal you.

So let it flow and heal your wounds, let those tears fall because hope does not trickle when your emotions are barren, and you need that hope to fight the battle that you will have to fight again tomorrow.

It is okay to cry, it will help you keep going through the battle called life. So you can crawl out of your sheets and Sound the war horn and say to your loved once that you still have around "LOVE- Don't you dare bite the Dust"

I am writing this because I do not know what should I do, For last 3 years, I am the one daily watching my best friend of 15 years/My younger brother/my apprentice to every childish deed, every prank, dwindle between life and death, coming on the edge to end himself, suffering from schizophrenia, drowning in pain, gulping up agony. While I am sitting around like a helpless toy on the top shelf, burping anxiety, consumed with curiosity to know if, when and how will it end.

So if you are not helpless, take care of the people you love and cherish them at any cost, because once you are old and sitting on a bench of garden or park, watching the day getting dark, you will proudly say, I have lost, but I have lived this beautiful thing called LIFE.

LOVE, Don't you dare bite the dust!.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • ConfusedOfTheWorld
    I'm sorry for being an impolite person and not reading this fully before writing.
    But thanks to you as someone probably actually needs such words.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Nik1hil

      It's okay.. Only 1in 100 people needs to read this.. Entirely..
      Good thing you didn't waste your time..
      I wrote this for my piece of mind..

Most Helpful Girl

  • evilpiglet
    This is good
    Is this still revelant?
    • Nik1hil

      Thank you for taking time to read..
      Make sure you hold your Loved once close and cherish them..

    • evilpiglet

      Thank you to you too for writing such a nice thing

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  • SydneySentinel
    This is beautifully written, @Nik1hil. I read it when you first posted it but I choked on what to say.
    Thank you for sharing this. So lovely.
    • Nik1hil

      Thanks for taking the time to read it..
      And letting me... Know..
      I wrote it since I needed to vent!..

  • derek2017
    Im sorry about your friend and about you for not being able to help him, I know its hard I had one friend who said he was gonna kill himself because a girl left him so I had to motivate him to live and I did it, I was meeting with him every day trying to stop him from dying! Anyways im sorry about all of these and good luck with your friend!!