Don't Be Afraid To Love


I could sense those sparks that united us. Something in me became alive that didn't exist. Every time we get close it only pulsates.

Love Is Real
Love Is Real

Before I met you the world was surrounded by darkness. My heart was filled with hate, anger, and silence. You showed me that what I had been living in was only a facade:

1. Men Love
They feel and they comfort. They support. I thought that they were all rough, dictators and mean just to be mean. However, there's a piece in you that is warm. I see it in whenever you hold a child or whenever you hold hands with your baby sister. It radiates out of you. Whatever that is, I want to be in the midst of it.

Eight months!

You have proven to me that you're not going anywhere. I can count on you. I put all my faith in you. No, he is not this man who makes these unfulfilled promises. If he doesn't show it is only because the ball was not in his hands. He fights to be with me. If he can't catch this train he'll be the very first passenger on the next one. I see that stride within you. He is committed to me.

3. Nice Just To Be Nice
Not used to men just being nice to be nice. I was raised alone. When I cried tears until I could no longer, I was there to comfort myself. When I needed things to be lifted or held, I struggled a million times until I was successful. I held doors open for myself. Never had that support system. I've done it all by myself for eighteen years.
It shocked me when you reached out to help me. No longer do I have to be alone. I have you.

I found it
I found it

I don't understand it. How could someone like you ever love someone like me. I'm messed up. The farthest from ideal. Even when I make up all these unrealistic situations in my head. When I come up with excuses as to why you shouldn't be with me. Or when I push you away. You pull me in with more love than ever before. You do. And forever I will relish in your love.

Don't Be Afraid To Love
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  • Throwaway5345
    At a certain point, if you haven't found someone you have much in common with. It's too late for you. Relationships have and always will bring nothing but pain and suffering.
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    • Anonymous

      Never too late. Love don't die

  • officialhawk
    U have to believe.
    -Kungfu panda
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Most Helpful Girl

  • ivysandy
    It's hard to find the right one, but when you do, it doesn't work out the way you planned it to, so it's just luck
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    • Anonymous


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  • Sasuke124
    I just don't want to be heartbroken again so.