Love is not butterflies!

Love is not butterflies!

It is not about how you feel, it is about how you ACT.

People seem to always want the next best thing & crave that "spark". Do you really think that type of feeling is going to last 10 years? 20 years? 30 years? Etc? Give up the idea of a whirlwind romance where you end up in some big castle after a fantasy, 100K wedding.

It's a Disney fantasy and people are increasingly losing their grip on reality. Commitment and loyalty through hard times is what makes love true! But some people always want more. Just look at what happened to Will Smith, Jeff Bezos & Robert Pattinson.

People don't wanna commit. They don't want a human partner, they want an unobtainable fantasy.

Your thoughts?

And of course, no anon cowards allowed.

Love is not butterflies!
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  • Unit1
    This should be common knowledge but apparently it's not.

    Is it a coincidence, that women date up and men date down?
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    • Juxtapose

      Hmm.. it's almost like the people dating up keep trying to go higher and higher and are never satisfied.

    • Unit1

      Thanks for the most helpful opinion man!

Most Helpful Girl

  • Very deep and blunt my friend.. I think fantasy and reality are not the same word for a reason
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  • Bluemax
    Love is both action and feeling.

    The feelings of romance, excitement, and affection are quite literally the *only* things that separate love and friendship. Even if the initial feelings fade over time, without them initially, all you have is friendship.
    • Juxtapose

      I think sex & general PHYSICAL intimacy is what separates friends from lovers.

    • Bluemax

      Sex and physical intimacy are chores... and bad chores at that, without the aforementioned things.

      Everything I mentioned above is necessary for love. Sex and physical intimacy are not. Witness the countless fuckbuddies who have sex and physical intimacy who don't love each other.

    • Juxtapose

      Nah man. Your mom can give you everything a lover can *except* sex.

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  • hornyafbi69
    Huh well okay I was tought that was called chivalry. Love is more than actions it's moving past the "perfections" that you found in each other in the first place. It's finding the imperfections and not just accepting them but seeing them as those initial "perfection" acting better won't help when you find out after 2 years you can't stand to be together
  • SeanshterMonster
    I don't know what an anon coward is but I'll give my best answer. There are people who care about love. I do care about romance and love of course. But it needs hard work and commitment. Falling in love yes that is real. But I would rather have a relationship that's more fantacy like (with commitment and all) rather then the disgusting relationships now. People base their relationships off of what the other person can get them and how much sex they have and how good it is. I want a relationship where we hike together, read together, just experience life together, ups and down, hardships and great times. I want to do new things with the other person and have a family. You may call me stupid but I cherish the loving romatic relationship, and it doesn't have to be romantic. My favorite date is either a picnic and reading or going to Omzi and seeing one of their star shows then go eat at a good food truck after. That's what I think
    • Juxtapose

      I'm just distinguished between the honeymoon phase and actual commitment.

    • I like to combine both. Everyone's honeymoon phase is diffrent. My uncle and aunt have been married like 8 years and still in the honeymoon phase and commitment. So it's possible

  • Acala
    Love is not a feeling , it's a choice , I don't believe in marriage , I think if I am in love with someone , i don't need any priests , pandit or any government's permission to be with her , but I think the idea of marriage is that , we have to question ourselves that weather we want to live our entire life with that person or not , if you can make that choice and commitment without marriage , it's would be fine by my opinion. So , the conclusion is , Love is not a feeling , it's a choice , choice to stick together through thick and thin...
    • Juxtapose

      "choice to stick together through thick and thin..."

      That takes commitment that I don't think people have these days.

      Especially with women and how they have hundreds of beta orbiters.. the "greener on the other side" temptation is too strong.

  • amelieknows
    Love is an emotion. Whether to act on it or not, is a choice.
    • Juxtapose

      Emotions fade and are very fickle.

      Not what I would personally want to base a relationship on. I would rather find someone logical, who recognizes that their feelings won't always work in their best interest. That for a lifelong relationship, sometimes it will suck and you will have to stick with it to get over the problem.

      If it's just emotion and not a logical commitment, what's keeping you from monkey branching and fully embracing hypergamy when the "spark" & "chemistry" fades?

    • My point is : love alone isn't enough.

    • If it was just based off logic where the love? Why would I want to get with someone that's only with me just because I get them nice things and take care of them? I want love and to feel loved and cherished. Not used

  • sensible27
    If you're stagnant, no. It's only as good as you make it. "Who doesn't dare to grasp the thorn should never crave the rose"
    • Juxtapose

      What do you mean? Could you rephrase that?

  • AlwaysBelieving
    Love is a choice. I think there are different stages of romantic love.
  • Liam_Hayden
    Agreed. Love is not the emotions. Love is seeking the best for the other.
  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    Love puts butterflies in my stomach
  • Gwenhwyfar
    Love is butterflies. And pink hearts.