TRUE FRIEND - The Real Friend Defined!

TRUE FRIEND - The Real Friend Defined!

FRIENDSHIP DEFINITION: Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between people. It is a stronger form of interpersonal bond than an association.

To me, the dictionary definition you just read does not truly describe a friend is my definition of what a genuine friend really is...

A friend is someone that has your back even in those times you are in the wrong... no, I don't mean someone who will give you a pass and not try to set you straight when you are going down the wrong path, but someone that will try to help you while understanding your weaknesses and will still, and always, love you anyway.

I wrote this poem for this post about what a true friend is just for you, my friends, because I know there have been days in your life where you have felt this way as well and then someone that loves you has been there especially for you...

In my hardest days of pain, I gaze outside my windowpane

Through darkness and the rain I see, someone who's been a friend to me.

As they enter near my space, they see the sorrow on my face,

They run to me with warm embrace, to help me through life's daunting pace

Why, I ask, do you care for me, they answer now most subtly

You cared for me when I was down, how can I leave you with a frown

You are a friend I shall not fail, nor leave you here alone and pale

I love you with my deepest heart, you are a friend I will never part

~Laurie Hunter

Another true friend poem just for you...

"Since it has been my lot to find, at every parting of the road,

the helping hand of comrade kind to help me with my heavy load,

And thou I have no gold to give and love alone must make amends,

I pray the Lord, that while I live -- God, make me worthy of my friends"


A True Friends motto is always ..."I'll Be There For You!" ...Listen...

John 15:13 Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.

TRUE FRIEND - The Real Friend Defined!

I hope you will be my friend and I might be worthy to be yours ...I LOVE YOU!

TRUE FRIEND - The Real Friend Defined!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • 🤗
    Thank you @laurieluvsit.


    I love this post and the poems were amazing.

    This IS a post that would make me feel quite happy to be tagged in.

    Coming across your post as I did was just perfect timing. I been an emotional mess today. This seems like one of those moments when things happen EXACTLY when they need to happen.

    This post brought the tears out of me and left me with goosebumps. 😭🤗🥺😃

    SO LOVELY 🌹🥰💐🥰😍💕!
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    • Wow, I am so glad this came across in your time of need!

      I too, don't believe in coincidence... someone thinks you are very special and wanted you to see this I believe with all my heart.

      I hope your day will become a better one with many more smiles for you and your tears will turn into a love tonic of happiness! :)

    • Guardian45


    • But 😭🤧🥺 no one tagged me yet...
      Damn pms got me over emotional!

      🤣 Oh well I'll just tag people myself... 🤔 They maybe working or not yet had their morning coffee or sleeping from being up late on gag 😂

      @laurieluvsit (😏ya tagged u on ur own post)

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Most Helpful Guy

  • This is amazing!! I'm speechless! This was so beautiful and heartfelt Laurie 🤗 thank you and i hope I can be counted as a friend to you because you are precious 🤗
    Is this still revelant?
    • Yes, Mr JJ you have always been a good friend to me and so sweet and one of the most faithful to whatever posts that you like of mine! ... and thank you again for your kind words :)

    • Jjpayne

      It's an honor to be called a friend and it is my pleasure to answer your posts. You are one of my favourite gaggers

    • Jjpayne

      Thank you for the mho! 🤗😊

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  • BeckyN
    A great mytake. The only thing I would add is a ture friend would be non judgmental. I've only got one friend in the world but we both have each other's back and we never judge each other biased on our actions that's why 9 years down the line and we are still just as close as the day we met
    • Yes, so true, thank you for liking my post Ms Becky :)

    • BeckyN

      Not a problem Ms. Laurie 🙂

  • MrOracle
  • Agreed of your definition. Am proud to say that i have 4 people whom i consider dear friends where we both helped each other in most difficult times and most outrageous situations and that's why we call each other (friends). I would ad the Mrs and my brother too who already is family, so i have 6 of them :D.
    Great take
  • Lliam
    Beautiful poetry, Laurie.

    Here's a sweet song about friendship. (written by Carol King, who also recorded her own version)
  • Breanna_nonbinary
    Although I agree with many of these things, the one thing I would add is that they can be trusted to tell you to your face when you are wrong. Being a true friend mean you take that person’s opinion with true consideration and without offense.
    • Yes! ... great point Ms Breanna! ... thank you :)

    That is so beautiful. I feel the same way. I only hope that I keep my footing and never waver from who I am inside and those who I consider a friend can see me as a guy they can trust and rely on. Love you guys!!! 💓🌹😥
  • menina
    Awww this is so sweet!!! 😊😍🥰❤💖
    I might not have a real family, but I know I have real friends. You must be an amazing friend @laurieluvsit
    And I do feel the same way.
    • Thank you Ms Menina, you are so sweet to say that, it means a lot, you sound like a great friend too! :)

    • menina

      No problem Ms Laurie. :) Awww thank you! I try to be. :) ❤

  • SimpleNerd
    Since I upped my entire life and moved to London I don't have that many friends. Thought I could make them with housemates but two of them are users. The types who are your friend when they need something but then just expect more and more when time moves on.

    That being said I have made one or two friends at work and while I'm no longer the happy go lucky person I once was, the few friends I have made they are great people who are supportive of me as I am to them.
  • 1stranger
    If I was with you right now I would hug you tight and a few kisses..

    And I love this song... I'll be there for yooouuuuu😄
    • I am so happy that you liked it... you have made my day! :)

  • oddwaffle
    Most people the you called "friends" aren't really friends. Half of them would leave for greener pastures eventually. The other half are just sitting around waiting for something better.

    However, every once in a while, there is a guy who will stick around no matter how bad it gets. That's what you can a friend.
  • midnightmoon05
    Sweet Miss. L.
    Well defined and excellent MyTake Lovely Miss. L.
    We all need that one /few true friends throughout our life time. We are so very lucky to have that true friend to talk to, to lean on and vs.
    I wish many here reach out to connect, to share, to give. Some of the smallest gestures/love bring us together to form the most endearing lifelong friendship. Which I have been very fortunate to have and give in real life as well.
    Friendship, indeed is how we help our friends and how they respond to us when we need the love and support, they are there. And us to them. They are so genuiently honest about how to make us become better people.
    As I see how my daughter go through meeting diff. people and form friendships, I am very proud of her for making the right choices.
    You have been giving your honest opinions on this site and share so much insight about the world with us. We are all very fortunate for your contributions.
    Love you Miss. L. :)
    • Thank you! ... I am so happy that my post brightened your day.

      Yes, good friends are rare but so wonderful to find :)

  • Awesome poem!! And another awesome mytake... ❤️👍🙂 You have a great heart!!
    • Thank you! ... true friends are rare, but such a treasure! :)

    • That's the truth there 💯

    • I hope you had some true friends to help you through the loss of your husband. I know you were in so much pain that is still there.

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  • triff
    It's so far to find that Friend that makes you feel safe loved platonically Know you have someone who is always there with empathy and is a great active listener
  • MannMitAntworten
    The version of friendship you define is often expressed in the context of a “Brotherhood” an “affection/love” within a unit cohesion. Where essentially a member of this cohesion is saying they love them more than they love themselves. It is also the rarest form of genuine love/friendship I know of but have experienced and have extended.
  • Makeushiver
    My favorite quite, though not sure eho said it, perhaps English poet A. E. Houseman was asked once if he would betray his country or his friend if he had to choose and replied, "I only hope that I would have the courage to not betray a friend.
  • ohshee
    If that is your Take on Friendship I would be your friend anyday
    • You are very sweet, thank you! :)

    • ohshee

      Welcome but I thank you the world is changing factors a me me world or trying to become one it was nice to read. Something that is real you need to put it on the internet and send it to 20 people I will Do the same maybe some day we will get it back

  • Aakash_Hangargi
    @laurieluvsit , Is there anything thou can't do wow its a heart touching poem really I think everyone can relate with it.
    If you do have any other poems I would definetly like to read them thank you for sharing with us a women of Many talent you are Ms. Hunter 😎👌👍👏👏💐
  • jimmy2
    Amen friends are important. One must understand friendship. Some friend are git the times now. We all need a good friend in this pandemic. Some friends will be there in an invente in your life. A sickness, an accident. Prison are a few. Some friends are for your life time. Those you need to invest in them they are for life.
  • jaYYiie
    True friend
    Someone who helps, encourages, respects, understands, deserves nd stands by you
  • sensible27
  • monkeynutts
    he Bible quote was different. we need our mates to help us sometimes. After all we are a social species, slightly evolved and separate from our primate cousins.
  • bulletbob555
    When people were anylized as to what made them happy and have a fufilled life. Friendship was more important than money or spouse. Friendship is important
  • Phoenix98
    I’ve had one two friends like that one died the other is still alive though.
  • 8lutty
    with me , true friendship is: dude1 respect dude2's choices no matter what it is, also dude1 doesn't change dude1's choices bc of dude2's choices, and vice versa, so basically it is a kind of drama, where even when they stay in different side, and they have to fight each other, they still do their best to beat other, and when one dude win, that dude will moan for the dead of other dude...
    'dude' - bill and ted face the music lol
  • Nephilim000
    I'm always happy to have new friends. They are a rare treasure.
  • mich15smith
    good take there are several types of friends and true friends are the most important
  • Gedaria
    They will go that extra mile for you and so would you.
  • wow.. very well said... im glad we are friends...
    • You too fit my definition perfectly! ... I love you!

  • Alexalex92
    My only true friend is my dog...
    Wish we could be friends and hangout for a beer
  • DeeDeeDeVour
    Beautiful! <3
  • BoobMan
    Well said Laurie!
  • larry69
    Very nice my take.
  • Jerre
    An excellent MyTake.
  • Zainallegacy
  • Very nice mytake - thanks!!
  • Old_Golden
    A real friend is someone who will help you move.
  • TinCanJim
  • Spot on.
  • Dazzler1983
    I wish I had a friend like that
  • Hellohibyebye
    True friends like stars
  • Anonymous
    I concur.