Not quite former but recovering Christian here (warning: R-rated language here)


At least there are some open-minded people on my Jordanian side (and I can even tolerate some of the religious conservatives on that side). But the ones on my Armenian side are so fucking uptight and aggressive like the neocon war-criminal politicians of the past. Ironically, they believe in phrases such as "change is good" and "think for yourself," but ONLY if you're an adult and as long as you don't challenge your own parents. 75-80% of the time, their actions don't match their words. My mom and my stepdad never use "I" statements to my half-brother when angry at him or willing to punish him. My mom still picks favorites like her mom did; I am her favorite, and lucky to be. Otherwise I wouldn't have this laptop to write a rant on.

Not my pic, obviously
Not my pic, obviously

Many people don't know how conservative and old-fashioned my family is. They're not so used to the "bad girl" types. I sure as hell ain't going to walk outside to meet somebody at 6am, even if that 6am is broad daylight. No fucking way. Also, they don't allow me to meet with people without a mask on (I usually ignore their advice on that especially while I'm at work since most of my co-workers and my boss don't wear a mask). I am vaccinated as fuck with only two shots though; I'm not planning on getting myself a booster anytime soon.

My parents literally sleep downstairs with my brother sleeping upstairs (they no longer sleep upstairs together), so if I even quietly open the door at 5 or 6am, they sure will fucking hear it and if it is ever about meeting a girl (even at the right time) I have to let them know about it, supposedly to prevent myself from getting kidnapped by a random old male predator. Not only that, but my mom has to see what is going on between me and a female before we meet up. She is VERY conservative like that. If I buy questionable things like alcohol or weed without my mom knowing, she will fucking kill me (no pun intended of course).

And to all the assholes out there that are telling me, "get a fucking job," I have one!!! I work at a car shop (and I have been for more than a month now and I love the job). That said, I'm not allowed to have my own license (my mom and stepdad are VERY VERY conservative like that) even though I am soon to be 22. They believe I should take an Uber or a bus. They think they know EVERYTHING about Gen Zers, which they don't. There are still Gen Zers that spend WAY MORE THAN $5-6 on fast food (I do that all the time), and there are especially those that drive (some even Shelbys, Corvettes, Hellcats, 911s, etc). But to them, everything expensive from a college student on Instagram is fake. They blame gas prices as one of the reasons why I can't drive. I'm not broke at all (I make a fairly decent amount of money per week), they are just very strict. I am not allowed to have friends over at all (apparently due to my stepdad's fear of COVID). In reality my stepdad is afraid of having non-Armenian friends over (he's very prejudiced like that and I can see that because he constantly stereotypes and labels everyone that isn't Armenian or white).

My brother still has to sleep on weekends, can't eat too much junk food even on a "cheat day," or else he is reprimanded (and sometimes even punished). Fatness (obesity) is overwhelmingly condemned in our conservative Armenian-American household.

Not quite former but recovering Christian here (warning: R-rated language here)
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