I can't take this anymore!!!

I cant take this anymore!!!

There is this boy who bullies my little brother and on Saturday he decided he would follow my brother around. I promptly stopped him and said. ''take your chair and stay with your sister and leave my brother alone.'' He began to argue with me and said he was only going to see what he was doing. I told him ''You're not going to play with him today because last time you poured water on his head and pushed him off the swing, that behavior is unacceptable and rude and he won't be playing with you anymore if you keep abusing him. And you owe him an apology.'' He quietly went to his seat and colored but did not apologize so my brother did not play with him. About 45 minuets later at lunch he begins crying to his mom. So his mother begins to feed him. The boy is 9 he does not need to be babied but anyway. He told his mom that I said they couldn't be friends anymore and that my brother wants to play with him but I won't let him. Meanwhile my brother said he didn't want to. His mom then lets him talk to my mom and he told her ''it's all a misunderstanding and I misunderstood what happened and that's not what happened and it would never happen again but still did not apologize. But my dad witnessed this event so of course my mom already knows he's lying.

He later went to my sister and said how he has a problem with me and I was rude to him. Mind you the child is a disrespectful 9 year old. He proceeds to say that he doesn't like playing with another boy but he deals with it. And my brother should do that same. His sister was like you were kicking him last time that's not nice. And can you believe he had the nerve to say the child looked like he was enjoying it. My sister asked him does someone crying and hiding under the table look like they're enjoying to you? He was super quiet after that. But after hearing that I feel like my brother should never play with this kid again. He will grow up to be a rapist, serial killer or something and he'll say something like they asked for it or enjoyed it. He's very twisted in the head. Of course his parents did nothing and I'm upset because I had to deal with a kid like this when I was younger and it wasn't fun. I don't want my brother to go through that.

This kid also has a complex where he thinks everything is about him and if the world isn't revolving around him he's upset. Honestly if I see him push, kick, slap or touch another kid I'm not sure that I'll be able to keep my hands off of him. I feel like one good slap would stop him in his tracks and I know it's not right but I remember how I felt when I was treated like that and couldn't do anything about it and I'm dying to just teach him one good lesson. I know I'm not the parent but my parents I don't think really understand how this all works.

I can't take this anymore!!!
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