What does "I don't want to lose your friendship" REALLY mean?

Hey y'all.

This guy friend of mine and I (work together) were intoxicated one night after hanging out and we messed around...nothing major, but afterwards, and for the next week or so, we ate together, hung out, talked on the phone alot, went to stay at a hotel for the weekend (no sex...just relaxing) but we slept in the same bed and I laid my head on his chest as we talked..while I rubbed his belly....sounds innocent, but I thought we were moving toward a relationship. I don't do THAT with FRIENDS.

I made him a custom CD of the same cool rock songs we both like, so he could have it on his vacation this weekend, and wrote a nice note on it. He probably thought it was a "girlfriend" thing to do. He sent me an email saying not to "take this the wrong way" but he really values the friendship we have, and apologizes if my impression was that he wanted more than just friends. He went on to say that making good friends is not easy, and once the friendship is damaged, it is hard to repair.and doesn't want to lose my friendship. I talked to him after that, and he said that he dated a girl he worked with once before and [when it went bad] it made going to work difficult. He was focused on work when he left yesterday for vacation, and didn't say goodbye as he usually does.

Was he full of crap and wasn't attracted to me? Or really does like me, but is really afraid of ruining a good friendship? He is a bit immature for 35 yo, has had drug/alcohol addiction issues, so there are other factors which come into play. Just thought some insight would help. FOR THE POLL: "I don't want to ruin the friendship" means.....

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  • I know its hard when you are in the thick of things with someone, however its best you move on. ( or commit to staying friends and find someone else who will appreciate a relationship with you.

    he has made it clear ( true or not) he is not interested at this particular time. If a guy is truly interested, come hell or high water. Nothing would much matter and he would make things work.

    i also think it is on he didn't much care to communicate his issues about work relationships till after the fact.

    • Hey girl...you are RIGHT. Not interested is fine...but he let me rub all kinds of things...yes, I even went THERE, but girl, let me tell you, drunk or not...there was very "little" to write home about, so he could even be embarrassed that he's got a micro package or something....anyway I'm a bit pissed that he "let" me do all that to him, and is now saying he didn't want to give me the wrong impression...I told him "Well I don't rub my other friends' bodies...do you?" I gotta move on, but damn.

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  • Honestly I think he got drunk and wouldn't have normally fooled around with you. Then after it did happen he was likely to be playing around with the idea, but decided against it. He might not be full of shit, but he probably is covering it up a little to protect your feelings. At least take solace with that.

  • I said that before, to me it was, no romance feeling.

    • Ok..well thanks for the comment.

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