He did not come see me while I was in the hospital....guys, is he a jerk?

Okay well I recently ended up in the hospital (type one diabetic, insulin adjustment a doctor gave me went horribly wrong and yeah I ended up with DKA)

i was there for 3 days and my boyfriend of 5 months (possibly 6 lol I can't remember exactly) never came to see me. My best friend visited me and she texted him to tell him I was in the hospital he responded and said "is she okay?" my friend proceeded to tell him that yes I would be okay but that I was pretty sick and then he never said anything back.

Now I get it...i understand if he's busy or had a family commitment like I totally understand that 100% if he had a reason as too why he could not come see me...but as far as I know he had no reason, no excuse. he has a car...he has a job yes he wasn't working the day I got admitted into the hospital.

I'm confused, maybe he has a problem with hospitals? I would understand that I guess.

but he never texted me or talked to my parents or anything he just sent the one text to my friend and that's it. I was pretty sad that he never came to see me as I would have really liked to have seen him I mean there's only so much you can do while in the children's hospital I mean really it gets boring.

I'm trying not too make a big deal out of this but I mean I'm 16 and while I was in the hospital getting IV's put into my arms it would have been nice to have my boyfriend there to hold my hand through it instead of my dad (though I do love my dad lol but you get my point). I just really would have liked for him to at least stop in and see if I'm okay.

guys what do you think? should I just let it go?
He did not come see me while I was in the hospital....guys, is he a jerk?
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