Would you want to be in the room if your partner was giving birth?

My boyfriend and I plan on getting married and having kids in the future. But I was talking to him today - a friend of mine is pregnant, and due to covid-19, may be unable to have her husband in the room with her. I was surprised by that and told my boyfriend how awful that was. But he said that was a good thing and that he wouldn't want to be there? Maybe I am overthinking, but I am just really taken aback by that. I always imagined he would be holding my hand and being there for me. He says he would be in the hospital, just not in the room.

Is that weird? His sister is a midwife and has told him horror stories apparently, but I didn't like that he basically said watching the birth could put you off your partner. There are stories of a lot of blood, women soiling the beds, and potentially bad smells. It is hardly attractive, I know, but the woman is bringing a human being into the world. I just don't think there's anything he could do to put me off him. I mean he farts all the time and is gross at times so its not like he tries his hardest around me. I mean in the moment someone is gross, I get not desiring them then. But afterwards, surely you still would?

I mean he may change his mind, this won't be for some time yet. I just know that if I was a man or a lesbian, I would want to be there when my partner was in pain to be supporting them and there for them, plus the obvious fact that your child is coming into the world and taking its first breath. Who knows, maybe I would rather be on my own anyway, I am quite private and don't like appearing in any form 'gross', especially in front of him. I also tend to like being alone when I am in pain and if I knew for certain I would soil a bed or something, then I wouldn't want him there. Just wondered how everyone else felt about being in the room/ having your partner in the room?
Would you want to be in the room if your partner was giving birth?
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