Is it cruel to kick your kids out when they’re 18 (or even early twenties)?

I know someone who’s 19 and got kicked out from his dads house and now he’s living with his aunt, who is also trying to kick him out.

and I don't know I just feel like it’s so cruel to do that to your own kid. It would be one thing if they were 30 years old and just too lazy to get a job, but in this day and age it’s almost impossible for a 19 year old to afford their own apartment.
like yeah maybe it was easy for our parents generation to move out at this age, because their rent was like $20 and a bag of chips but where I live, there’s no apartments that are less than $1000 a month. Even when you do find cheaper apartments like $800, they have requirements where you need to make 4x the amount of rent or need a high credit score. Half of them don’t even have anything included. I’m sorry but 90% of 18, 19, even 20-22 year olds can’t do that. It’s unrealistic to kick an 18 year old out and expect them to be fine on their own.

I’m not gonna let my kid not have a place to stay, I don’t even care how old they are. As long as they’re TRYING to get their shit together, which can be hard and take a while for some people, I’m not gonna just throw them out like that. Parenting doesn’t just end when they turn 18 and then you tell them “you’re an adult, you’re on your own. Boohoo” you’re supposed to help your kid out as long as they need it.
Is it cruel to kick your kids out when they’re 18 (or even early twenties)?
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