How do I deal with hypocrite and entitled parents?

They neglected me emotionally and mentally as much as they could.
They forced and manipulated me into doing a major I hated.
They mocked me for being an introvert.
They treated a pet, ten times better than me.
All that dog did was bite them, steal our food and misbehave.
But I did so much for my parents that most kids these days don't do it.
I showed them emotional warmth and that dog only begged for food, but still he got treated ten times better than me.

They always compared me with others.

They called me crazy or shrugged whenever i was depressed or needed emotional support during the loneliest periods of my life.

  • Now that I'm independent, I'm treating other people or even dead objects better than those toxic parents.
  • Now they're telling me "what all have you done for us?" "Surely this dog is more of our son".
  • They're telling me how ungrateful and selfish I am.
  • Despite being caring towards them and sharing my vulnerable moments, i being depressed they gave their devotion to this pet and they'll rather play with a dog than being a real parent.
  • I rarely depended on them emotionally but when I needed them the most, they shamed me and shouted at me.
They even used to tell me I'll never succeed in life or become a beggar. But now it's the opposite.

I'm just planning to cut them off forever unless they own their shit and apologize.

Father will even bring his controlling and demanding friends in family vacations too.
12 d
They are now demanding me to take care of them emotionally and mentally in their old age. HYPOCRISY and their audacity!!! 😡
How do I deal with hypocrite and entitled parents?
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