Can men and women be friends?

From what I've seen in my life, it really doesn't work, the ones I've seen almost always occur from the guy asking her out but she liked someone else more so she said no.

He doesn't give up hope and keeps in contact with her in the hopes that she'll one day be with him (she won't) and the girl uses him for validation. This is very dysfunctional and a terrible situation for one to keep themselves in and to her, he'll always be the guy who wasn't good enough to be with her.

Most girls say yes when I ask if a guy and a girl can be just friends but then when I ask if he likes her, I have yet to receive a "no" answer. Again, supporting my point. Some like to make the case that relationships start out as friendships but then when I probe that comment, again my point is further illustrated when they answer "no" when I ask if they've ever dated a friend.

Furthermore, men and woman are polar opposites in terms of interests, politics, and hobbies that can't be merged together unless it was a love connection in which both parties share their lives together romantically. For that reason, I believe that a man and a woman cannot and should not try to be friends. Although I don't believe in having friends at all as I consider having connections to anyone other than my girlfriend a burden which will only drain me and take time away from me and her together. I also don't consider people trustable nowadays as guys are constantly trying to steal people's girlfriend's and cheat on their own girlfriends as well. So i aggressively avoid bonding with others, sometimes treating others with hostility as a deterrent.
Can men and women be friends?
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Can men and women be friends?
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