Can men and women be friends?


I find friendships with the opposite sex are only situational. As in, once someone leaves the workplace or quits patronizing the shop, the woman severs contact. Especially if she gets a boyfriend or husband.

I've worked with women for long stretches of time who went out of their way to be caring and your buddy, but after the situation ends, all you have left is a friendship that lasts 2-3 minutes every few years, when paths cross at the grocery store. If they're on Facebook, they won't respond to messages, or do so in a minimum number of words. Twenty years can go by and they make zero effort to stay in touch.

Are a subsegment of women just acting? Trying to be Florence Nightingale and wearing Permasmiles? And when the situation ends, the shallowness is exposed?

Can men and women be friends?
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