Why does my family paint me as evil, or the things that I do as evil?

This evening I was sitting on the floor outside my mom’s bedroom (because she’s sick). I said, “sitting here reminds me of when I was a child and you wanted to sleep alone, but I wanted to sleep with you so I would sleep outside your room on the bottom step.”

My mom says, “Oh yeah, I remember I wanted to beat you one night because you almost broke your sister’s feet. She didn’t see you sleeping on the stair. And she tripped over you. She fell, injuring both her feet.” She said, “She could have broken her ankles.”

She said it as if I purposefully intended to injure my sister. She completely dismissed how sweet it was that I wanted to be close to her (my mother).

Earlier that night I showed my other sister pictures of me forcing my nephew to take pictures with me. It was playful and funny. It was our relationship he would try to get away and I would try to get him to take pictures with me. My sister (his mother) says, “Now I think you were always abusing my child.” (This isn’t the first time she’s said something along the lines of me doing something mean/harmful to my nephew)

I’m just like mind boggled how can acts so innocent be turned into something so evil and cruel?

It also bothers me because actual events that were truly cruel and done to me with evil intent by certain family members are never seen, as evil/cruel. It’s always minimized, or brushed off. Anytime I mention it I’m always told to forget it, but things that I do that should be looked at as sweet/cute gets twisted. I just don’t understand that.

It really bothers me.

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To clarify I am asking for your opinion on my family members’ way of twisting things. I provided some examples of them twisting things to fit a distasteful perspective. I should have included that I noticed my family members have the tendency to do this to others as well, not to just me.
Why does my family paint me as evil, or the things that I do as evil?
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