Is it okay to ask your friend to bring you stuff home when you're on holiday?

Me and my boyfriend are currently in India visiting his family and doing some touristy bits ourselves. His friend who is also from India asked him to bring some personal things home for him if his sister delivers them to us at Delhi airport, and when I say personal things I mean 6 shirts and 3 pairs of jeans. He lives in Europe, so shirts and jeans aren't exactly hard to come by.

And not only that but the friend said he would meet us at the airport in Europe to collect his clothes!

I like the guy. I have socialised with him and his wife a few times and they are great people, but this guy can be a bit... cheeky let's say, and something about this latest cheeky request rubs me the wrong way because I have the feeling that he wouldn't do the same thing for my boyfriend.

Also surely this guy should just be happy for my friend being able to go home for the first time in 5 years after COVID and many resident permit issues. But no, he's using his friend's trip for his own personal gain. As a Brit, I would NEVER think to do this. I would just be happy for my friend and want to chat to them about their trip when they get back.

My boyfriend says this could be a cultural difference between India and the UK; in the UK it's more individualist and in the India people help each other out. But I dunnp, I don't buy it. My boyfriend said that his friend did check if it was ok several times. I said that it doesn't matter, he's already asked for a favour so now my boyfriend feels obliged to do it. It doens't matter how many times you soften it after the fact. The point is, you've asked something of someone on their holiday where they should be thinking about family and quality time with their girlfriend. A good friend wouldn't make such selfish requests. End of story.

Also, it's not like his friend is poor, he is quite well off and could afford to ship anything from India if need be. But clearly it's not essential because it's just clothes he could buy in Europe.

Is it okay to ask your friend to bring you stuff home when you're on holiday?
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