Juicy gos topic and your thoughts?

I have this female friend I met at a previous job and we've been friends for 2 years now. And talk text often. She's a bit elusive on meeting though.

So I asked her into few months after we met let's date, she stayed friends and the next time was a month ago, a week before moving to the new job. She stayed friends kept it up, didn't think much of it.

She'd been going a bit quiet before for as I started my new job last week and last week we met for dinner in a group and there was this uncomfortable feeling as we both walked to the train.

I was blunt asked her what's wrong and if this is not working.

She was saying she's uncomfortable with communication and that she was just thinking about that I like her more than a friend.

I definitely addressed issues the later topic of me liking her had come from a different topic. But harshly said no I don't (I felt it's a trap as she came from a topic where I raised well others can think whatever ). Addressed topics like hey well I do take time and stuff. But okay if she wants to go her choice.

I didn't check my phone till the next day, I thought she was gone. Saw she wrote a bunch of angry questions. But one thing kept striking me why did she keep bringing up the liking thing again that it makes her uncomfortable, also she pointed out that I had tested her with a bluff saying I have a date (not proud).

Just said hey get back to you later. I took another day to cool down and let her as well. Politely said hey can keep the friendship as she pointed, cleared questions out taking a back step.

As to the liking question again I said you yeah you told me I accepted. And at then as to pointing I was lying I said yeah I hate it as well and that I knew it breaks the trust, also that probably a reason we won't work. That she can keep the friendship if she wants to as she had pointed earlier, it's her choice.

Why did she ask me a few times about the liking thing and kept brining it up if she didn't feel that way about me?

1 y
Ps between meeting her on the train and asking her what's up I took a few days of slow communication.
Juicy gos topic and your thoughts?
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