What I've learned from being sexually taken advantage of and molested by my grandfather

I wish I could say that I have moved on and forgotten, but I haven't done either. Sometimes I use humor to cope with the pain that I...

Child see Child do: How parenting can affect you and your life

Parenting coming from a barely 20-year-old sounds dumb, but here's the thing. Over the years, I've studied how my friends and even...

10 signs of a naracisstic parent

1. Lives through one's child Most parents want their children to succeed. Some narcissistic parents, however, set expectations not for...
At Home

More than Motherhood

Ever since I was younger I wanted to be a mother. I’ve chosen names I’ve looked at doctors, schools. Whether I wanted a midwife or a...

TRUE FRIEND - The Real Friend Defined!

FRIENDSHIP DEFINITION: Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between people. It is a stronger form of interpersonal bond than...

"Love Yourself!" why is it easier said than done?

Me: "I have problem that my love gets so intensified, whilst the next person doesn't give a fuck about me" Them: "Hey! You don't love...

How to end a long term friendship with a female friend?

How to respectfully end a long term friendship with a woman whom you love but the friendship turned toxic. This friendship caused me to...

Do White people really don’t scold their children?

On cartoon and TV shows, White people don’t scold their children. Is this true?

I have anxiety with friend groups?

I have always have had a hard time finding and keeping friendships that last. Not sure what my issue is but whenever I talk to people...

Have you ever seen/heard of a black couple adopting a white baby?

I've seen and heard it a lot the other way around, white couples adopting black babies, but I can't think of one example of it the other...

Hey guys need some suggestions?

I want to be mother once again and bcoz of some reason we can't naturally conceive. My husband won't accept adoption what should I do?

Would you be mad at your sister/ brother if they flirted with someone you liked especially if they knew you never got attention from guys or girl?

i have a crush on this guy and he likes me back but my sister has made it very clear she wants stuff from him like he asked me if i...

Why should we try winning over a partner's parents?

If there are three things my parents thought me are: ''Be yourself, don't try impressing others by being someone you're not'' ''Love and...

When you hit a age milestone do you scream it all out on social media?

Or you keep that to yourself and your family but not publickly on social media? Espeiclaly when you turn 50. Like you want everyone to...

How do you feel when a person who have not spoken to you in months message you?

This happens to me quite often where a person I’m friends with would kind of retreat from conversation except for some likes. They would...

Do You: Wait For Someone To Ask For Help? Or Do You Just Offer Your Help When You See Someone Who Needs Help?

I was having some issues yesterday and it wasn't either of my adult children that offered any kind of help, it was a fellow GAGer that...

Would you assume a guy was interested if he wanted to meet up with you alone all the time & always tried to make prolonged eye contact?

You only ever saw him in a group before but all of a sudden he wanted to meet you alone every week and always made prolonged eye contact.

Is this a good mother?

Angel is 22 years old single mother and has a 5 year old daughter named Zaya. Angel wants her daughter to be strong, tough, independent,...

Would you adopt kids?

I would say only if children of a relative or close friend. You don't know what kind of hereditary mental issues you might get. They...

Did you have a good Thanksgiving and was it with family?

I only had my immediate family. Which are those that lived with me. It was a good Thanksgiving. We didn't go anywhere.

Who are you spending Thanksgiving with?

Hmm although I'm spending time with my mom, sister, and bestie... Still feels kind of lonely.