The Different Variations of Rockabilly/ Pin-up Fashion

I'd like to introduce my audience with my love for Rockabilly/Pin-up fashion. Rockabilly/ Pin-Up fashion is a type of alternitive style, which pays homage to the era's of the 1940's, 50's, and Early 60's. Rockabilly can be worn by any man and woman no matter how tropical or temperate your homeland. I also believe that every lady can be rockabilly regardless of how tough or girly with these many different takes on the vintage appeal.

  • The Pretty Tough, "Rosie the Riveiter."
    Perfect for any gal on the go.

The Different Variations of Rockabilly/ Pin-up Fashion.

  • The Joan Harris
    For every professional woman

  • Pearl Harbor Chic
    Perfect For that Warm Summer date By The Water.

  • Noir Goddess
    For every Formal affair.

  • A Pleasentville Sweetie
    One of my Personal Favorites...minus the saddle shoes.

  • Psycho/Gothabilly
    For The Even More Alternitive Ladies.

In closing, rockabilly fashion is my way of being girly and tough. I will being doing more of these style mytakes, (even one for men) and only write about fashion and bipatisan subjects.


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  • I love the style. I always look for clothes with that style... ModCloth has a pretty good selection sometimes. Especially for summer; I love the vintage '40s pin up look, or Pearl Harbor Chic.

    Great Take! I love this style so much, and glad to see others here do, too!


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  • I like the majority of them apart from the 'pretty tough', while I don't mind girls being hard workers/labourers or even tomboys it's just not a flattering look for girls. Well at least not for me, I get that more guys will say that about goth or alternative girls since it's different from the 'norm' but that's something i'm honestly quite into and something that really isn't that different from a woman like Bettie Page or even Burlesque in terms of style and attractiveness.

  • Love it.

    It combines being sexy and classy at the same time

  • I love the style but not so much the gothy ones. However, I can't help feeling it looks outdated and that people mostly dress this way to go against the grain. But if you simply wear it because you adore it then that's fine!

  • Interesting styles.

  • So retro, so modern... so beautiful!!
    I love the pearl harbor chic

  • lol, the alternative to what?


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