What I Think About Makeup.

What I Think About Makeup.#Zombietakes

I don't wear makeup, First of all.

Nor do I know much about it or care much about it, But I see numerous Mytakes and questions about makeup so I decided to write one just for the hell of it.

First off, A girl is not ugly without makeup. I believe the only way a Woman can truly be ugly is if she is ugly on the inside, And no makeup in the world will help with that :/But there is nothing wrong with a woman wearing makeup if she so chooses. It can make them stunning and human works of art if applied correctly.But if not applied incorrectly and if a woman goes overboard with way too much makeup, They can start looking like crazy clown hookers.Peace.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • How can girls make works of art on their eyelids when I can't even make my eyeliner even?
    Great take nonetheless.


Most Helpful Guy

  • As a form of art, it can be fine. But if she wears it all the time and expects me to take her seriously when she's hiding her real face, then sorry no can do. If I don't put anything on my face, I expect other to do the same and show me their real face.


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