Hip Dips: A Women's Curse?

Sierra Skye
Sierra Skye

It's no secret that wide hips are the one of the most desirable part of a woman's body, they often subconsciously indicate fertility and are known to drive men crazy. They also tend to be associated with femininity

But not all women have wide hips. In fact, there's an internet phenomenon right now which is girl being insecure about having hip dips.

Now you probably know what hip dips are but in case you don't the human pelvis which is the part between the abdomen and the legs has a whole in sides (between the hip bone and the greater trochanter).

Now depending on mainly on your fat distribution, on your bone structure and a little on muscles you might have more apparent hip dips than other people.

Hip Dips: A Womens Curse?

Now everyone has hip dips but in so women, they are invisible because they have a smaller hip hip and a good fat distribution. Those women tend to have rounder bottoms and hips and to have a pear shape or a hourglass figure. Like Sierra Skye the woman in the first picture and in this one.

Hip Dips: A Womens Curse?

Hip dips are often called violon hips because they make they build an inverted bump in the hip area. You can have wide or small hips but still have hip dips.

To see the difference between a woman without hip dips and a women hip dips, here's the illustration above.

Hip Dips: A Womens Curse?

The thing with hip dips is that girls have been obsessing over them because of all the Insta models with rounder bottoms.

Women are insecure about them and there have been tons of youtube videos, guides and articles that supposedly help you get rid of them.

Hip Dips: A Womens Curse?

The thing is this doesn't really work, it's something genetic and unless you get fat injections at a surgeon's in your hips, it's very doubtful that your hip dips will get filled. Working out can help a little though, cannot completely fill them, but can help still, so feel free to try the several exercises you can find online.

The point of this MyTake is, are they actually that bad ? Are they a curse? I don't think so and if you're a girl and you have them, don't worry it's okay. It isn't a big deal and you can still look good with them.

Here a few gorgeous women with great bodies who have hip dips.

Supermodel Bella Hadid (natural body)

Hip Dips: A Womens Curse?


Hip Dips: A Womens Curse?
Hip Dips: A Womens Curse?
Hip Dips: A Womens Curse?
Hip Dips: A Womens Curse?

Victoria's Secret angel Josephine Skriver (toned body)

Hip Dips: A Womens Curse?
Hip Dips: A Womens Curse?
Hip Dips: A Womens Curse?

Reality TV star Kourtney Kardashian (curvier body)

Hip Dips: A Womens Curse?
Hip Dips: A Womens Curse?
Hip Dips: A Womens Curse?

Karrueche Tran (natural body)

Hip Dips: A Womens Curse?
Hip Dips: A Womens Curse?
Hip Dips: A Womens Curse?
Hip Dips: A Womens Curse?


See you can have hip dips and still be stunning, don't worry about them !!!

I would like to hear your opinions on them though as both men and women and if you have them.

So you're more than free to comment on this Mytake no matter your opinion.

Hip Dips: A Women's Curse?
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Most Helpful Guys

  • dantetheexplorer
    Just like with "thigh gaps", I had no idea this was a thing until I read about it on the Internet.

    I wonder what "new flaw" women will discover in their bodies next year. I guess I'll just have to wait around and read about it on GaG.

    The many flaws that women find in their perfectly healthy, perfectly able body always amazes me. There are people with real physical disabilities who have a healthier sense and respect for their bodies than some women.
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    • Anonymous

      I agree with what you just said 100%. People should definitely be more grateful for what they have and not obsess over that kind of things. I also do think that there's no reason that women feel insecure about that !

    • Grond21

      You nailed it. I was just thinking, as I read this, that this is just like the thigh gap. A stupid made-up metric to make more women feel insecure, and that no man cares about.

    • Lol this should get 1000000 likes!

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  • OlderAndWiser
    If a woman is a kind and gentle soul, affectionate and passionate with me, and loyal, I really don't care if she has onion dip on her hips. Women should focus on things that REALLY matter!
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Most Helpful Girls

  • wingattebaby16
    I guess you could get insecure about hip dips, but every one of the woman you put up pics for are GORGEOUS!

    sure, the more round hips without a dip do epitomize the ideal sexy woman.

    Just my 2 cents worth.. i would kill to look any of them again...
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    • Anonymous

      I do believe they are all stunning! I wish women with hip dips saw themselves that way as well !
      Thank you for opinion :)

  • Gottabsavagee
    I mean all bodies are nice in their way
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  • passinby
    I was dizzy when I got through these nice pics. I had a few wide pelvis girls and one did have these dips where her femurs came way out so she was wide-not a fat ass. BUT I loved it. This gave her a tremendous gap and she had the prettiest blond muff occupying it. All of these body proportions are a trade. "The point of this MyTake is, are they actually that bad?" NOT to me. I love it.
    • Anonymous

      It's amazing that you think that, thank you for giving your opinion ! :)

  • ChronicThinker
    Hip dips literally don't matter. This is the hyper-analytical shit women obsess over and torture themselves for even though they're natural.
    • True. Only women know what hip dips even are

    • Anonymous

      @furiousrat I agree so much with what you just said ! We shouldn't even care about that, let alone feel bad about it ! Thank you for your opinion :)

  • hellionthesagereborn
    Women are their worse enemies. This is a lot like the thigh gap thing, I don't think a single man would have noticed if not for women constantly pointing to every thing they are insecure about and then telling men they should hate them for having that trait.

    "My breasts are small you should hate them!", "my aerolas are to big you should hate them!", "my butt is too big, you should hate it!", "My thighs are thick, you should hate that!", "My nipples are too big, you should hate them!", "my thighs have a gap you should hate that!", "I have dips in my hips you should hate that!", "My hair is its natural color, you should hate that!", "my eyebrows look suspiciously like eyebrows, you should hate them!"

    In short, STOP! We do not care. Do we find her mildly attractive? Is she interested in us? Will she get naked? Will she allow me to have sex with her? If the answer is yes to these then you have nothing to worry about. WE. DO. NOT. CARE. So stop with the rampant insecurities, its the most unattractive thing in a woman.
  • humor_me
    I never knew about this! Thanks for the education but I don't care either way (with or without).

    By the way - what is coming out of that girls crotch (third picture from the bottom)? is she peeing or did her water break? LOL!!
    • Anonymous

      You're welcome and it's cool that you don't see it as the "awful" thing that the internet says it is !
      For the girl's crotch, I didn't notice that before lol, I have no idea what's that

    • humor_me

      It's probably just sea water coming off her suit. It looks kind of suspect though - LOL.

  • Allie_Oops
    I feel like men don't even know this is a thing lol. I don't have hip dips so I don't care, but I literally think society just looks for anything to complain about these days when it comes to the female body.
    • Anonymous

      Yes, it's so annoying that there's always something new we have to be insecure about ! Thank you for your opinion ! :)

  • 4mazing
    I always find it strange to witness, as a guy, girls obsessing about something that is allegedly very important if you want to be desirable to the opposite sex, and often it's something where I either think "WTF?", or it's something I would never have noticed, or what they are aiming for is downright unattractive.

    The prime example of girls being indoctrinated with a body ideal that is downright unattractive to the average man is the anorexic body type that the fashion industry shamelessly promoted for decades.

    And which is just not attractive to any men, besides perhaps a very small minority.

    Something similar (but less extreme) has happened with twerking and thickness and whatever they call it:

    Girls have started obsessively working out to get the right kind of toned muscly ass because. . . I have no idea.

    I don't find girls with an ass like Christiano Ronaldo particularly attractive. But a rap video says it's attractive, so off go the lemmings to the gym.

    Same deal with lip fillers, which makes you look like a stupid fish, same thing with fake boobs, which makes your boobs the last thing I want to look at, let alone touch.

    Oh well.
  • Kurαȷ
    Most of these are really just fat thighs.
    Also, Bella Hadid needs to reconsider her choices of apparel.
    Her hips are fine, it is the weird ass shape of her swimwear that brutally compounds the problem.
    If you have "hip dips" you definitely don't want to be pulling your undies up to your ears or wear Borat-like one-piece swimsuits stuffed halfway up your rectal pathways.
  • JSmuve
    Damn, that first broad is hot as fuck. Her boob game is on point. I'm sorry, what was the take about? Hips? Oh ya, her hips and everything else are goals 🚨🚨
    • Anonymous

      She does look amazing indeed :)

  • Logorithim
    Good Take, it's not something I would even look at, though.
    • Anonymous

      Well thank you so much and that's great to hear because a lot of women are really insecure about it ! :)

    • I think they shouldn't be. I'm focused on figuring out her personality.

  • CubsterShura
    It's totally stupid to worry about it. God knows what other stupid things women spend their money on, only to encourage this industry to make women more insecure about more stuff to gain more profit. This is disturbing.
  • CuChullan
    A Good take, well presented. I suppose it's one more "insecurity" that will be used to make more money from women by the industry that preys on women's bodily insecurities.
    Women come in all shapes and sizes. And thank God they do. I love women's behinds. I always look, it's what i'm attracted to. I see absolutely nothing wrong with this "hip dip" shape. It's very feminine, as i see it. Women's bodies have all these delicious curves. I see women first and foremost, and i like women.
  • JigyW
    I didn't even know this was a thing, me being a Male I have a bubble butt even tho I've done no exercises to get it. When I was younger I was a bit insecure about it but as i gotten older I found that some women like men with a booty. So for women that have hip dips, I'm 100% positive that there is men out there that love it as well!
    • JigyW

      Uh I'm pretty sure you didn't even read the question that was asked or even what I said, so how about no

    • Yo Bubble Butt Club!

    • JigyW

      Ayeee we can be bubble butt buddy's 😂😂

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  • bente2
    I’m actually so glad you posted this. Hip dips are the only thing about my body i’m insecure about. I’m too lazy to keep up with the exercises that will lift you butt and focus on the outside glutes so they become smaller.. so i can’t really get rid of them. I’m glad at least you like em haha.
  • Massageman
    Interesting take.

    From a bone/muscle standpoint for those who work specific muscles and muscle sets, the Gluteus Minimus is important in filling out the "dip area" between the ilium and the greater trochanter. Generally speaking, a GlutMin that is worked to a higher degree than surrounding muscles would help fill that area a bit, but not to the degree caused by the basic genetically coded hip shape of the individual.

    Viewers of the pix should also realized that by flexing different muscle groups, the model can maximize or minimize whatever amount of dip is present or missing, so a "hands on" analysis of the live hip would be preferable ;- )

    I would be more attracted to the Skye pic and the gal in the second shot rather than the others following. The particular pictures you picked DO show gals with pronounced dips, presumably for illustrative purposes.

    (This is an explanation, not a "judgment" of people's choices)
    To many guys, the gals will simply appear to have a more masculine-shaped (narrow) hip: they will not consciously "see" the hip as being "dipped". They will just "see" the whole picture and that would be of a narrower "guy" hip, and they would rather see a "girl" hip, a bit wider and smoother with no perceptible dip.
  • Apope16
    I AM NOT ATTRACTED TO HIP DIPS. It is a turn off for me.

    I am tired of seeing women with wide hips and flat bottoms. It is not attractive at all.

    I prefer smaller hips and a round bottom. It doesn't have to even be a big butt. Just nice and round. Often times wide hips are a mirage for being overweight and even obese which is not very healthy given the obesity epidemic.
  • Jemini_Crocket
    I have hip dips. I'm close to accepting them but I know I will never look as good in high waisted jeans or bodycon dresses as women with no hip dips.
    • Anonymous

      I understand how you feel but I'm sure you can rock them nonetheless. Bella Hadid is known for having hip dips yet she rocks bodycon dresses like no one else those. Anyways I hope you fully accept yourself ! :)

    • Thank you :) (and sorry for not replying sooner, I never before noticed your response)

  • WhitePanther88
    Sorry what. Anyway who doesn't like a woman with good child bearing hips?
    • Anonymous

      Kelly Brooke is a gorgeous woman but the size of the hips/ butt doesn't have much to do with hip dips. Anyways, thank you for sharing your opinion :)

  • bamesjond0069
    Another example of women obsessing over their bodies and worrying if men like it, when most of us guys probably thought every single girl on here was sexy asf and probably didn't even know what a hip dip was. (I didn't know). YOU GIRLS CAUSE YOUR OWN BODY INSECURITIES!
  • GoldenLoxd
    Ok, for one, the observation of said HipDip, is the first most of us have even heard of them. They were, up to this point, my absolute favorite place on a woman's sideline. They can be a very sensual area, for both parties. Women, please don't worry about this, it is a very pleasing feature and accentuates the delicate design of a woman's body.
  • Coastjammer
    I didn’t know this existed but I’m not insecure about my hip dip
    • Anonymous

      That's the spirit ! I'm sure you look amazing !

  • ATuairiscean
    It is one of those things that the person themselves notice but nobody else does
    • Anonymous

      Well it's good to hear that you don't even notice it, thank you for giving your opinion !!

  • Introvert94
    Sorry, I was distracted by all the nice bodies to read what you said. But I managed to figure out what a hip dip was.
    • Anonymous

      Ahaha, I'm guessing that that's a good thing ! ;)

    • I don't think hip dips have ever really been a huge problem. I've never heard a guy go "If she got a hip dip, I don't want her". This world is full of insecurities and a lot of them be about what no one cares about. Like I swear I wouldn't touch her body and be like, "your hip a little crooked." I wouldn't even notice.

    • I noticed a hip dip for the first time today!

  • Zealashton
    people we have reason why we are shallow, so dont beat your self up if your a picky eater. there's reasons for everything for me i like nice looking ones and most of those pics, they look trash. if for swiming in ok, but for sexualing ones self. most look shity
  • Thanks for the encouraging MyTake. I do have hipdips and am insecure about them. This helped me to feel a little better... especially the illustration showing that some people's pelvis is just naturally shaped like that. That tells me that it has more to do with my bone structure and less to do with things I can control.
  • vishna
    Hip dips are so not a big deal :) One of the most gorgeous women on the planet, who floors me almost every time I see her, Nikki Perkins, from the Jamie and Nikki youtube channel, she has hip dips and she's got a great body (even after 2 kids!)
    it's just a little distribution of fat and body anatomy :) no biggie
  • ChurchOfIron
    Frankly, I find wide hips weird and undesirable. Either way, end of the day, some people are better than others in myriad ways. Humans do have a drive towards perfection. And some people simply are more perfect than others. That's a harsh lesson in bodybuilding, where your muscle inserts and bone structure determine the heights you can reach--or the heights you can never reach. In any case, I don't even know or care what a hip dip is, and plenty of those chicks look great.
  • drdidier2
    Good take.

    I haven't heard about these hip dips before. Also, I never heard a man discuss these. Moreover, I DISLIKE how women with bigger hip dips look, judging from your photos. I think that you can feel safe to forget this stuff, and reserve this great research to medical purposes.
  • SngBirdy
    The fact that most guys dont notice these, means it literally doesn't fucking matter.
    • Anonymous

      Well, that's great to hear and I agree, it doesn't matter !

  • Shambala
    I didn't even know this was a "thing." I think women generally tend to worry about things that are irrelevant. Unless it prevents you from walking without pain, who even cares?
  • Wifflesnoofer63
    All are boneable. Guys likely don't even notice. And some good BJ skills can make us overlook things even when we see them.
    • Anonymous

      Lol I guess that's a good thing ! :)

  • ImJustCurious13
    Some men have the same insecurity when they have a wide pelvic bone. But having a large hip dip isn't the end, the women you showed who have them are attractive because they have nice bodies over all. So as long as she works on her butt and legs, guys might not even notice. Also to end my opinion, Marilyn Monroe had a large hip dip and she was THE most attractive woman of her time.
    • Anonymous

      Very true ! And I do think that the overall body changes the appearance and that everyone should take care of his body ! Thanks for sharing your opinion ;)

    • Is that your body?, It's nice lol the picture below Marilyn Monroe. 😋😊❤️

    • @PetrovaFire92 That's not me its a picture I found on google. Wait, you actually like that, I'm over here feeling bad for the guy.

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  • Exotica08
    I have them and I hate them. I have a nice but but absolutely no hips and I have long hip dips. My doctor said because I'm so tall, that it's just the shape and length of my pelvis. Doesn't make me feel any better. I will be getting them filled when I can afford it
  • LightEnd
    I think men are just generally attracted to a woman who has a healthy body, we dont give a damn about hip dips and all that jaz. I found every single woman in those pics to be "attractive" we dont critique every single part of your body.
  • AbsoluteCutie
    I don’t think they’re that big of a deal. I mean any guy would go nuts to have any of these women. I think it’s time that women embrace the fact that we’re all beautiful, just different and there’s plenty of guys who will be attracted to us.
  • ccscsc
    A man who wants a long distance relationship with you doesn't care how your hips or how big your breasts are. He already pictured you naked in bed with him dozens of times before he finally approached to ask you out.
  • azzntittiz
    I have hip dips and have never worried about them, stop worrying about every single flaw, my middle finger is bent almost like it's broken and I don't care even when people point it out, it's not a medical problem so I can still give you the finger.
  • LegateLanius
    I only really notice her ass more than i would even notice the "hip dips".
    • Anonymous

      Well it's kind of related because if you have hip dips your ass will be less round but what do you think of the butts of the women in the pictures?

    • All really nice butts

  • TonyMetal86
    These celebs are totally ugly when it comes to their hips... only the 1st 2 pictures are good and the rest are just a turn off...
  • Reggieray
    Just make an honest effort to eat right and stay in shape. Most guys have a "type," but it's by no means set in stone.
  • Danxsarah
    There hips dont lie 😏 but I do agree with you take
    • Anonymous

      Oh, that's good to hear ! :)

  • CoffeeWC
    I wouldn't really notice until someone brings it to my attention.
    • Anonymous

      Oh, great then ! Thank you for your opinion :)

  • Anoniemus
    Wow. All I can think of is someone tried to find something else to make women more insecure.

    And all I can think about is who actually cares if they're secure in themselves?
  • HaveNoName
    So this was female anatomy education for me but other than that, I never really have this a thought and neither will. As long as the girl is proportions all over, who cares for little dips and sauces. Not to say I don't look for peculiarities; this is just not one of them. A thigh gap is a MUCH bigger problem for me.
  • Alice2398
    I have big hips and hate it. I always thought guys like really slim model types
    • Anonymous

      What? Big hips are amazing and trust me mens have all sorts of tastes but a lot of them do love wide hips. Some prefer petite girls, others bbws, some thicc girls, other curvy girls... there's do not think for second that they all like one specific type of girls.
      Anyways embrace your wide hips, trust me a lot of girls would kill to have them ! :)

    • Alice2398

      Thanks I really appreciate what you said 😊. It's something I'm slightly self conscious about as I have very short legs as well and just feel sometimes I have a strange body shape

    • vikramdua

      Wide hips are amazing

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  • spartan55
    I still don't really understand what 'hip dips' are, nor could I spot them. You women obsess over the dumbest stuff I swear.
  • Shuri
    I've heard of this years ago, and I genuinely do not care. No one cares except the people who write the articles and those who get plastic surgery. I have hip dips, but you can barely even see them, and my boyfriend definitely doesn't give a flying fuck. I don't care about them.
  • MzAsh
    Is this the same as saddle bags? It looks like some of those women just need to get rid of that last little bit of outer thigh fat.
  • Xoirwinkan
    Dont worry ladies, a cute face can make most men overlook most else, even more so with a sweet disposition. Women are too hard on themselves, and unless she's overweight there's bound to be a guy who likes her how she is. (Weight is something you can work on, unless this thing.)
    • tiajoka

      tbh though its a lot harder for some women to work on weight too. I've been working on it but when I was diagnosed with pcos; my doctor pretty much told me its very unlikely I'll ever be thin. So while I'm still overweight now; the best I can hope for is the higher end of healthy weight and have to be eating no sugar, dairy, grain (other than wheat) chocolate, and caffeine. Which as someone who struggle with emotional eating do to chemical imbalances that cause depression (also due to pcos) its kinda hard to give those up lol.

    • Xoirwinkan

      @tiajoka yeah thats tough

    I like hip dips on healthy bodies... Looks more muscular which I find attractive anyhow.
    But seriously who cares.
  • eightman
    Hip Dips: A Women's Curse?
    • Anonymous


    • mantock

      Is that... man butt?