Why men need to be proud creatures of their facial hairs and chest hairs and how to rebuke the naysayers

I will cover certain hairs on men, only the ones that are not supported as much on our men now: facial hair and chest hair

Facial hair

Men today are not apt to want to have facial hair and is due to many factors like maintaining job status. Some jobs look down on men with facial hair and our military and prisons are shaming our men's faces. Our men need to be proud of their moustaches and beards. We as men need to be glad when women once liked to stroke our beards. Please stand up against the facial hair hatred movement and grow your facial hair.

Why men need to be proud creatures of their facial hairs and chest hairs and how to rebuke the naysayers

Chest hair

Many men today in bodybuilding and other sports are removing their chest hairs in hopes of winning a prize easier but life is not about rewards and wins in those areas. It is about winning in your masculinity and please stand up to these feminist bullies and declare that you will show off your chest hairs. Many places won't allow men to enter if their chest hairs shows and it is sexism towards men because women can show the equal area equivalence to where their body area would be. We as men need to band together and rally. Please be proud of your chest hairs despite what naysayers say to you.

Why men need to be proud creatures of their facial hairs and chest hairs and how to rebuke the naysayers


Men and women have differing hair displays and need to embrace their haired difference and not mix and blur the sexual lines. Men don't deserve it be told their face is pretty. It needs to be rough and rigid like most of our women truly like it, probably over 65%. Our chest hairs are displaying a body maturity from boyhood and women almost always love that, even the women who are into clean shaven faces loves chest haired men. Thanks for listening and I hope you read it thoroughly and was motivated.

Why men need to be proud creatures of their facial hairs and chest hairs and how to rebuke the naysayers
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Mädchen
    I Love hairy men. Beards are like make Up for women. A ugly Guy can Just grow a beard and he'll be hot.
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    • BladeMan

      "Beards are like make Up for women." For women or men? You said wrong mistakely probably?

    • Mädchen

      @BladeMan whoops my bad

    • BladeMan

      But I understand the point what you mean :) Don't worry. And you are right on what you said. 👍

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  • PeacefulRainDrop
    Well said I agree!
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Jjpayne
    Let the hair grow! Let no hair be held back anymore!
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  • coolbreeze
    I hate shaving it's to much work to groom.
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  • emmily2396
    Yes, also girls, let's fight these dumb social standards and let our bodies grow back the hair. Let the world see our natural form.
    • themaker39

      How to have a dry spell as a girl 101

    • Mädchen

      Lol I Love this. It's so funny when men act Like a womens Leg Hair is somehow less hygienic then a mens Leg Hair😅

    • themaker39

      It's not about hygiene. It just looks ugly.

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  • scholastic_vibez
    It’s funny, there was this girl who wanted me before my girlfriend, but because of The Game, and making myself a challenge, I stubbornly refused to shave off my mustache because I didn’t believe she’d desire or respect me if I conceded to her request too soon. Eventually we got in relationships with other people. She still is attracted to me, but a year ago she saw me clean shaven, and said she thought I looked more handsome with the mustache after all. I grew it back eventually, but a part of me was confused about whether I should get mad, and call her a hypocrite for having made such a huge deal about me not being clean shaven in the past, or just forgive her because I still feel some emotional attachment to her? I opted to forgive, and forget about. She probably realizes now she made too big a deal about it, and maybe regrets missing out on a relationship with me over something so trivial now.

    I wouldn’t go so far to shave my chest hair unless I was a swimming and there was anecdotal evidence that it decreases drag. I can understand why someone in that position would do it. But, I did shave my chest hair a few times in the past believing that would make it grow back thicker, and I believe there has been a noticeable difference there.

    As for sex, I’m not too picky about how my significant other shaves downstairs, but if she gives you oral sex, you probably want to partially shave your dick, not so much your balls, but so that she’s not swallowing a bunch of hair, so it’s a more enjoyable experience for her. It doesn’t have to be too drastic, but to each his own.
  • zoeadams3
    My husband needs to shave his facial hair so he can wear a respirator where he works.
    • Yes. Some life scenarios takes precedence over having beards. I know there are exceptions.

  • MrOracle
    The military doesn't allow facial hair because it interferes with gas masks and oxygen masks. Those are quite practical reasons and not fashion judgments.
  • Hamsteroids
    Facial hair hatred movement? Where? When? I’ve never seen that. I’ve never had an issue with a guys facial hair (or any other for that matter). Wtf
    • themaker39

      You'd be surprised, lol, there was some metrosexual or I don't know how to call him try to convince me to shave my beard this month. He only had a stubble.

  • SydneySentinel
    Chest hair is so sexy. Beards too. Who is naysaying?
  • Lurdie
    I don't know I tend to like men with a clean shaven face and no chest hair. There are a few guys who look really good with a beard that well kempt and neat. But everyone should do what they feel like, your body your choice
  • blutwolfe
    Yeah it's no shave November man, my beard be looking scraggly if it gets too long though
  • buttcrackjoe
    I have a big nose and a weak chin, im convinced growing a beard is the only way my ancestors got laid
  • Liam_Hayden
    Do what you want. I hate facial and body hair and will continue to remove it. and I have never been mistaken for a woman.
  • “Please stand up against the facial hair hatred movement”

    • Hawk4225

      Don't get mad just cause you have no hair.

    • Dude, the sheer stupidity is just astonishing 🤷🏽‍♀️

    • omgjassy


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  • Redstang88
    “Facial hair hatred movement”

    Ummmmmm, what? Have you not noticed how trendy having a beard is now?
    Personally I grow mine because I hate shaving, trends irrelevant, but it’s hardly rare. The military (and certain other jobs) require neat head and facial hair out of necessity for some of the gear they wear, but other than that it is very rarely a hindrance to finding a job.

    And regarding the so called “feminist bullies” and chest hair, you do realize all those contests and leagues are almost if not entirely male run, right?

    Not sure what planet you’re living on, but you missed the mark by a mile here
  • AlexBlack007
    I love my facial hair. Helps me look older than 16. 😅
  • PYCEISZboo
    This new beard craze 🤷is driving me nuts. Not cute at all
    • Yea most just let themselves go dont trim, oil or comb just the lazy hobo look, also a lot of these guys dont have full beards so its spotty unkempt birds nest

  • very_bald
    the guy you posted has nice facial hair, but most guys don't. they look like bums or terrorists, depending on the color
  • OddBeMe
    If we make women shave, we should make sure we’re manscaped as well.
  • Rundown
    this is a shot at you, girls, get over it

    men are going to have hair, deal with it
  • pizzalovershouse
    can't say some look goid in a beard others look bad
  • I agree, more and more men everyday are becoming softer and softer
  • themaker39
    I haven't shaved in about 5 years.
    And won't.
  • zagor
    I hate having hair on my face.