How insecure beautiful people helped me.


Caution: May sound petty.

I love browsing "How do I look section". Not because I am a guy and want to perv on the pictures of ladies there. Well, not entirely. But before browsing this section on GaG, i didn't know that beautiful people could be insecure.

I mean I can understand if they were insecure about some thing else. But about their appearance?


How does that help me?

I am ugly. No doubt in that. But looking at these people be insecure about their appearance makes me wonder why? And then I asked myself one question.

What would I have done, had I been that attractive?

The only logical answer that I could come up with was, probably I might have been insecure about something else. Like those people are.

So the question is, is it never possible to be content with how you look? Maybe it is, if you work towards some body goal and achieve it. Will you then become the most beautiful/handsome person on earth? Most likely not. But it helps in being content with oneself, because you achieved it.

Still better looking
Still better looking

Now. Does it apply to unspeakably ugly people like me? I dont think so. I have consulted, its not possible to change my appearnce unless something extreme like surgeries are involved.

I dont want that.

But what I did find helpful is, the fact that actions matter.

Though I look ugly, I was never treated horribly. I mean apart from simple inconvenience here and there (not wanting to invite me, not wanting to take group pics with me in it), I was never treated really bad. Because I usually smile and try to be helpful to people.

SO in the end, why should I worry about something, that is never going to be enough?

How insecure beautiful people helped me.
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  • Doglover000
    I don't just look on the outside if you do that person might have a black and ugly heart. Yes! people are beautiful, but beauty lies on the character and the person outside is just the topping of the cupcake,
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    • Anonymous

      Yeah I understand that. However, there is always gonna be a baseline.

      Many girls are incredibly understanding and have that baseline so low that it really amazes me.

      Overall, i think the main advantage/disadvantage is we become invisible. Now, being shy guy, I dont really mind that. The only time it hurts a bit is when we are around our crush. As everone else i guess. 😂😂😂😂😂

    • People like to use the I’m shy label bc they don’t want to own up on the real reason. Yea you can’t always hid.

    • Anonymous

      Well I am not sure if it is true. I am pretty normal when it comes to talking with guys. Only with girls I get chickened out.

  • leahzrc
    I think people can be happy with how they look but too an extent. Nobody will ever think they are perfect because they want at least one thing to change
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    • Anonymous

      I did come across some people who are narcissistic like that and think they are the most beautiful people around. But I am not sure if they had any inner peace.

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  • Sheyhoney
    I really like that take !
    i agree with you so much. Maybe confidence is key?
    • Anonymous

      Thank you :)

      And maybe. But sometimes when ugly guys specially show confidence, it is extremely cringey.

      at least I feel it is.

    • Sheyhoney

      Well not like extreme confidence, but enough to where they know their wort as humans you know?

    • Anonymous

      Oh yeah. Thats what I called as being content.

      Most of the time we could be invisible. And I think for me personally, it is quite good.

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  • bhaywardd
    That's a really good take
    • Anonymous

      Hope it helps others.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you.

  • Gottabsavagee
    You can achieve everything if your desire is big
    • Anonymous

      Can you elaborate?