What did people look like in the 1960's

What did people look like in the 1960s

I saw a picture posted by a gagger recently and it got me to wondering what I could find that showed pictures of past era's where the people shockingly looked not that much different from younger people in our generation and this article https://www.marieclaire.co.uk/fashion/1960s-fashion-icons-designers-trends-34260 from Marie Claire seemed to have quite a few of these pictures which featured past celebrities and models that could come right out of a current cosmopolitan magazine.Which to be fair, this article is showing how some fashions have not changed.

So I decided to post some pictures from that article which shows that the 1960's while a different time, looked in some way's not much different than this one.

What did people look like in the 1960s

While the guy looks a bit dated Edie Sedgwick could be mistaken for a Disney channel star.

What did people look like in the 1960s

This picture featuring Twiggy would not surprise me if I saw nearly the exact same picture in a modern day fashion store ad.

What did people look like in the 1960s

This next one featuring Mary Quant seems like something that could be naturally worn in fashion today.

What did people look like in the 1960s

Aside from the basket this picture featuring Jane Birkin could be any modern day celebrity or average girl walking down the street.

What did people look like in the 1960s

This picture reminds me of any city town with an old doorway which again be from modern times.

What did people look like in the 1960s

Even this picture of cher could be close to a picture taken of a certain fashion type focus.

What did people look like in the 1960s

Aside from the guy, the picture of the girl is smart could be also seen as modern fashion as well.

What did people look like in the 1960s

Finally this picture aside from the extra shoulder strap pieces could easily a modern day party dress.

All this to say that those from the 60's are not much different from us now. We have similar fashions and social situations. It is an easy way to say, that at any age we have all been there :)

Hope you enjoyed, happy Friday to you all :)

What did people look like in the 1960's
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  • not329446
    Those pictures are a fair representation but only cover a small segment.
    If you say they were from California I'd say yes. If you said they were from the Midwest I'd ask what your smoking.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Gwenhwyfar
    Fashion (and pop culture in general) is cyclical, but the trends express themselves in somewhat different ways each time around.
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  • ahmadali01
    1960s fashion was bi-polar in just about every way. Bright, swirling colors. Psychedelic, tie-dye shirts and long hair and beards. Woman wore unbelievably short skirts and men wore tunics and capes. The foray into fantasy would not have been believed by people just a decade earlier.
  • Avicenna
    Hairstyles were definitely different back then.

    I used to get a laugh at seeing German driver's license pictures from the 1960s which never changed from the original because the license never expires.
  • AaronKrieger
    Just watch this guy's videos.https://www.youtube.com/embed/UiMus1FJb9w
  • bulletbob555
    The Sedgwick picture might that be Andy Warhol standing next to her? Ought to Google those two not Disney rated.
  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    Some people were younger than what they looked and I just believe it all had to do with genes
  • WowwGirl
  • QueenOfBaku
    I like those hairstyles
  • Iron_Man
    They look like you
  • EnglundUberAlles
    About 60 years younger.
  • Agem123
    What about the eyebrows, make-up and hairstyles?😅
  • cth96190
    The clothes were bad, really bad.
  • msc545
    Very nicely done - thanks!
  • OfDeath
    The women didn't shave their pussies.
  • jimmy2
    Negative one year old. Lol
  • Anonymous
    Cute picutrs