Which hairstyle should I go for?

I have been growing out my hair for a while, and it's in an awkward stage. I was gonna do a slick back comb over like this

Or go back to a simple faux hawk/mohawk like this:

Or should I just get a buzz cut?

Not sure which I would look better with. I had a good experience with the faux hawk/mohawk.
  • Slicked back comb over
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  • Fawx hawk/mohawk
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  • Buzzcut
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  • I say the fauxhawk. With that face, you'd look like a douche with the comb over lol

    • Hmmm, my serious face? damm I've been growing my hair for about 3 months too.

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    • I dont think you need much hair on the sides though :/
      But even if it is short, you can still try it out!! not all comb overs are done with long hair!

    • My hair is thick so the sides on the very top are stubborn and keeps sticking up a bit. Thats that part that annoys me.

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  • The first oneeeeee! So cute! =)

    • I got a feeling you're saying the model is cute.

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    • Lol ok, my apologies for the assumption.

    • Haha no problem. =)

  • Either the slicked back comb over or the faux hawk. You could pull off either, but I'm leaning more towards the slicked back comb over. It would be a good look for you.

    • Thanks, its strange comments are in favor of slicked back comb over but poll says otherwise.

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    • I might go based on comments more so than poll.

    • Sure. It's your hair and your choice, but I'm still leaning towards the slicked back comb over. Lol.

  • I think the mohawk thing will suit you the best :) The first one is ok too, just don't go for a buzz cut XD

    • lol buttt the buzz cut is soo easy and easyyy to maintainnnn.
      I shall see how this poll goes and decide whether or not i'll chop off my progress with growing off my hair or not.

  • Yum Taeyang.. Im laughing you actually put him as an example 🙈 go for the fauxhawk!! It will look good on you 😏

    • Rofl @ yum Taeyang. I won't lie, I had a faux hawk previously and it was because it was "in" plus I'm Asian he's Asian we all look the same to people who barely see asians. ;P

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    • when the sides on the very top grows long enough then I'm gonna shave the sides off and probably trim so its more even. I don't know I gotta YouTube the haircut.

      Ya, I remember Taeyang in the comments. I didn't really think you'd guess I'd use him as an example though.

    • Yeah ok that would make more sense.. Haha

      Honestly.. I can read your mind.. 😋🙈 Haha nah im kidding, well i was thinking fauxhawk link with taeyang so yeah.. Good memory i guess 😏

  • is that tae yang? :D :D :D :D :D

    also, i feel like both would look good- just depends on what vibe you want to give off.

    • Yes it isss.
      What vibes would each of them give off. I have no clue.

    • hehe. he's awesome :D

      1. slick, professional, chic

      2. a little rough, rocker, not as professional

      ... Leaning towards 1. lol :D

    • Dam I want to be professional and a little rough!

  • I meant to vote for A... not B. That first hairstyle is my favorite on a guy!!!

    • Yaa everyone is liking a. That's what I've Ben growing gym hair out for.

  • Slicked back comb over boo boo

    • I've been trying to grow my hair out for that.

  • definitely do the slicked back comb over.

    • Fits my face better?

    • yeah i think so. i didn't think faux hawks/mohawks were still in style. i like the other option better

  • Fawx hawk.

    • I wouldn't look right with the slicked back comb over?

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