Should I make a move on her at her house?

I met a girl at work and see her daily.
We tease each other and have gotten rlly close. We took each other out for our birthdays. She said we should do something for my birthday and another girl was supposed to come but couldn’t at the last minute so my friend didn’t mention it again until I reminded her which made me feel awkward. I told her I was going to dinner with my cousin and she said we could just work around that because family comes first. I told her us going out was her idea then she got excited and started finding places. When we went out she bought me any drink I wanted and encouraged me to drink. I was also having relationship problems with my now ex and her and I shared a moment on the couch ( we’re both bi ) and she told me I shouldn’t be with an insecure guy. I eventually asked her why she hadn’t flirted with me before. She said she wanted to respect my relationship then I told her I appreciated that but wanted her to try it. She then said “bet” and told me I was so pretty and had the cutest laugh and stared into my eyes. I laughed and told her she was pretty then we gazed into each others eyes for like 10 seconds until she asked me to dance.
Later on we both talked about it and she said she flirts with friends just because. We agreed to be friendly. Once, she said she flirts by eye contact and compliments and scent.
At work we were joking about how to say a word and I kept correcting her and she stared into my eyes and was smirking and it felt weird. I jokingly kicked her out to leave and she lingered at the door and looked at me smirking and was like “enjoy your coffee”. The next day she said her knee hurt and wanted me to “fix” it. Once we accidentally brushed hands and she laughed and said “I can’t believe we just touched hands”. Our other friend reacted and she said she was joking. The other day she stared and said my hairstyle looked rlly good on me ( I've had it for a while ) I’m going to her house Saturday. Should I make a move? If so, how?
Should I make a move on her at her house?
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