Should I make a move on my brother's friend?

So 3 years ago I saw my brothers male friend for the first time at our house. He straight forward checked me out from head to my pumps. My brother saw this and made it clear to his friend that this flirting wasn't aloud. F#@K, because I felt the same attraction. Now I'm 22(almost 23) and he is 24.

We dance at the same school and the first time I saw him there, I caught him practice in the hallway instead of the main room and he began to laugh nervously. Another time he looked me in the eyes longer then what people normally do and just Mona-Lisa-smiled at me.

I called him a month ago to ask if he could become me my dance partner but he said is busy with his new company and wasn't sure if he could be there when I needed him. (he is a dancer) He did say that he was going to be around.(he sounded thrown)

I run into him at the mall and he started to talk to me about casual things. He complimented me on the bike I was riding like 5 times, (He kissed me on the cheeks when we said hello, 3 time) This was our first conversation, normally my brother is around and then he doesn't make long eye contact.

I wonder why he is not asking me out, or shamelessly flirting with me. I think its because me brother gave him a warning but that was like 3 years ago! Or is he just not into me? Please give me some advice boys and girls

Should I make a move on my brother's friend?
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