Why do women dress up to go out?

More specifically, why do women dress up to go out.

1. To impress each other or to impress guys?

2. Do they simply like promoting that men can look but can't touch?

3. Why do women, in general love getting validated this way?

4. Why do women then get annoyed when guys approach them, wanting to pick them up?

I'd thought that if women didn't want the attention of multitudes of men, they should simply dress up in tracksuit pants and a baggy old t-shirt


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  • What's wrong with women wanting to dress up to go out? It's not necessarily to impress guys so much as to just feel and look good for themselves. Some girls also just want to be fashionable.

    Suggesting a track suit and t-shirts is clearly not an option. Women dress up to keep up with the other dressed up people around. When men go out, why don't they wear track suits and t-shirts? Probably because it's just not normal.

    And if women act annoyed when you come up to hit on them, then it probably because they aren't interested in you or attracted to you. I know that might not be a nice thing to say, but it's the honest truth.


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  • Not everything we do is for a man.

    Most girls don't dress up, or look nice to impress ANYONE, especially men.

    We do it because it makes us feel good, and sexy.

    And most girls are annoyed or rude to guys who pick them up because some guys just don't know how to approach with respect. Plus, we don't know what the guy's real intention is.we automatically assume, sex.

  • Well I dress up on a night out to look good for myself and hopefully pull a nice fella (pick up a nice guy) and no girls I know get annoyed when fellas try pick them up they only get annoyed if they tell the guy there not interested but he won't listen and still tries to pick them up!

  • We dress up because it's fun and it's empowering. When a girl looks good, all kinds of nice things tend to happen, including getting the attention of attractive guys. Sure, you get some unwanted attention, too, but that's the price you pay, and most girls are willing to pay it.

  • I dress up to look good and feel great about myself. Once I know I look good, I feel GOOD! I am then more open toward others and I feel comfortable with myself. And in making myself feel great. Who knows I might just attract the opposite sex! Lol

  • You're doing an awful lot of generalizing here. There are a lot of guys who do this as well.

    But I dress up when I go out to impress MYSELF. I don't care what anyone else thinks, I just enjoy looking nice because I feel better when I know I look good.

  • We dress up to feel good about ourselves. Believe it or not, everything we do is not for the sole purpose of attracting men ;) when you look good, you feel good. Also the process of getting pretty and ready is fun. I love doing my hair, putting on makeup, and wearing a cute outfit just because. What girl wants to be unattractive and frumpy?

    Usually we only get annoyed if the guy won't take no for an answer or catches an attitude when he gets turned down.

  • For attention, to feel good about myself, confidence and yes to get noticed by guys.

    Personally I LOVE attention and looking good gets attention. I don't get annoyed when guys approach me as long as they look good. If the guy is old/fat/ugly/bald/short then stay away or I WILL get annoyed.

    • Obviously it's more flattering if a guy you feel is attractive thinks you're attractive too. But. Your response just irritates me. So if a guy is not up to your standards physically, automatically they're unworthy of you?

      I don't know about anyone else, but I'm flattered whenever anyone decides to hit on me, even if I may not be interested in them.

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    • Define "old as hell"

    • I'm not going to sugarcoat my thoughts just because someone might disagree.

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