Girls, what would you think about a guy who wears girls clothes?

So here's some background. Im a 16 years young boy and I like to wear clothes that some would call "for girls". I wear the clothes for two reasons. One is that I genuinely find it comfortable. Dresses and skirts I personally feel are more comfortable than pants or shorts. Or with shoes for example, I find flats are more comfortable than sneakers. The second reason is that I like the way the clothes looks. I like the designs and fabrics and stuff like that. I mean think about it, guys have a few fabrics and styles, girls have almost unlimited choices!!! I also just like the look of the clothes in general. You may say I sound like a 14 year old girl lol but sentences like "oh those shoes are cute" or "that dress is pretty where did you get it?" are part of my vocabulary lol.

so what do girls think about this type of stuff though? im not a very girly guy besides this lol. I also dont go crazy with it. An example of an outfit i might wear that is considred "girls" would be like a dress and some cute flats. or sometimes ill mix and match lol. ill be wearing a guys shirt and my basketball sneakers, but ill have a skirt on. so yah.

my gf's opinion on it is positive. she thinks that it is cute and likes that i am willing to express myself, despite what people may say about me. also she and i both like that we can spend time together shopping and stuff like that.
Girls, what would you think about a guy who wears girls clothes?
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