What does it mean when a guy says "you look so cute and innocent?"

just wondering


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  • As I've read on other posts people say it means that a guy sees something so perfect and innocent that the guy wants to currupt it. Some of us guys though find the innocense and cuteness attractive. When I met my Girlfriend I saw that she was cute, nice, open minded, beautiful, smart, random, and innocent. I naturally saw her and noticed that she would be true, loving, understanding, and non-slutty. Besides interests nd stuff I saw this and wanted to be with her because I new she was clean, attractive, wouldn't do anything bad, and unexpierienced. Well maybe somewhere in my natural instincts I might've saw that I could corrupt it but who knows. Some of us guys out there that like girls like this, see that we can protect the innocense, keep her out of trouble, and protect her ultimately keeping her innocent(I'm this guyXD). Naturally a woman is attracted to a Man because they are cute, strong, and protective... also carring. Well the same goes for a man but in a different sense. A Man is attracted to a woman because they can see that they are carring, loving, beautiful, and would make a great mother. This is how we are naturally attracted. Both Men and Women want to find a strong protector of the family and a carer for the family. It is also the natural instinct for the sex to act this way such as a mother or protector. Guys like cute innocent girls. If they are looking for slutty trashy girls then you've got the wrong guy; they are just looking for sex. I Hope this answered your question... Be a good girl nd keep looking for the right Man... Make sure he treats you goodXD


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  • What's unclear about that statement?

    • Lol, I was thinking the same thing...

    • I think she's asking if it has some other connotations or underlying meanings. I get that a lot too. :P

  • maybe: Your too young and too much a goody goody. who knows, it could mean he likes those things about you.


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