Belt is too long and the strap sticks out, is this sloppy or ok?

I have a black leather belt that is very flexible and the leather flops and isn't stiff, but the way it fits it sticks out of the jeans first belt loop but doesn't reach the second to tuck it in. I wear it with my shirt untucked casually, a tiny bit of the strap hangs out and is visible. Is this sloppy looking, and any ideas how to fix it?

Any other ideas


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  • Buy a belt that fits your waist better

    • It does fit, the holes are just spaced out more for this belt so more sticks out, some belts are meant to hang out more or on the waist, it's a unisex belt so mabye that's why.

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  • Hold the loose strap end in place with a hair pin/paper clip

    • But then that will jab me or move around being my shirt is not tucked in.

    • I've never had the jabbing problem but then again like Lamismaluna said you could just get a belt that fits better...

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