Beauty spots? Ugly or Cute/Attractive?

Well I have a small "beauty spot" on my face (probably size of a freckle, or maybe I tiny bit bigger) in a similar spot to where Marilyn Monroe had hers. Do you think this is disgusting and ugly, or well cute or unique etc.? Now please be 100% truthful! there is a reason I'm being anonymous, I don't care what you say, as long as it's the truth!

Please vote and answer in as much detail as possible as to whether you think beauty spots are attractive (well my beauty spot in particular) or absolutely hideous!

  • They are cute/cool/attractive etc
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  • One your size is OK, as long as its not HUGE then I'm OK with it
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  • Don't LOVE it, but can put up with it
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  • HATE it its f*ckin disgusting
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  • I both B and C
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Most Helpful Girl

  • The are beautiful.There's a reason there called Beauty marks, Marilyn Monroe actually colored her beauty mark in with a brown pencil but it still looked great! Rachel Mcadams has a lot and she looks beautiful as well! so just embrace it and love it, because they are gorgeous.

    Rachel Mcadams- link

    Marilyn Monroe- link

    Eva Mendes- link

    Jessica Alba- ( on chin) link

    UGLY? I think not!


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What Guys Said 3

  • I think, it makes a person ugly.

    I'm a male and I have a small one, on my upper lip, right under my nose, I've been called ugly and disgusting.

    I could cover it with a mustache, but I don't like mustaches either.

    So, I'm applying lemmon juice in cotton, rubbing it against the spot, till the acids of the juice cut the cells and make it bleed.

    I don't care if it leaves a scare, like Joaquin Phoenix, I rather have a scar instead of this dot, couldn't care less, I so hate it so much, I'm gonna do whatever it takes to remove it.

    PS: Why do people call it "Beauty Spots"?, it's cleary and ugly spot, seriously, come on ,gimme a break, it's a skin imperfection.

    I have a question, whould you have rather buy a car with a perfect paint job?, or a car with a scartched paint? GET REAL PEOPLE.


    • You have absolutely no chill. Not all beauty marks are ugly, if you find yours ugly it's probably just a mole. it shouldn't make you want to spread hate about it, you should just accept what you were born with and live with it rather than make people hate their own.

    • especially since you went through a lot bc of the insulting you got on it, so dont be a fucking hypocrite and make someone feel bad about what they cannot control. for all you know, it could be beautiful

  • No pic so I don't know.

  • PICS

    • Its not letting me update!! so here are some other girls who have ones similar to mine or but mine is lighter

    • Idk, it definitely wouldn't be a turn off. Could be a turn on even. :)

    • Cool, well thnx for your honesty, as long as most guys don't find it absolutely DISGUSTING then I am happy.

What Girls Said 5

  • I have one too, like right under my nose. I think as long as it's not huge it's fine. I usually don't notice them on people, and if I do I don't think they're bad.

  • I have at least 100+ on my body (but none on my face) and I'm 11, and maybe still even getting more. I've been really depressed about them since I was about 8, and wanting to get them removed since I'm self conscious about them on my legs. But lately I've been growing to like them, realizing that not once have I got a negative comment about them, and you can barely see them unless you're right next to me. Yes, I wish I had clear skin, just as everyone else, but nobody's perfect. I've looked all over google how to get rid of them but no results, so I'm trying to like them, and now I actually do like them. In France beauty marks are a sign of purity and beauty, and believe it or not, lots of girls wish they had beauty marks. I guess we're lucky, embrace your purity!! haha

  • girl I have one on my left cheek and hey it's always noticed in good ways. not once did I ever got a bad comment about it because it's unique and makes you unique. just have it checked if its growing and how it looks because sometimes it might be cancerous. for real. but if its not something to be alarmed about, FLAUNT IT EMBRACE YOUR FLAWS. :)

  • I have 2 beauty spots visible on my face, 1 under my chin and others that are visible over my body and not once have I ever received a negative comment from someone about them. I think someone with beauty spots are more unique as it adds more characteristics and details to one’s physical appearance.

  • I'd have to see a picture to really judge.

    Because wit5h beauty marks they can either enhance your face or detract away from it.

    My sisters have at least two mole or freckle-like things on their faces and they still look gorgeous.

    So it all depends.

    If you aren't happy with it, you can cover it up with concealer or get it removed.

    Good luck.

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