What should I wear to my brother's sports banquet?

I should mention, my [shy] crush (who I'm 150% certain also has a huge crush on ME but is afraid to do anything about it, including simply talking to me...) is also going to be there.

Usually it's semi-formal, and what the guys on the team wear ranges from their sports uniform to dress pants, a shirt and tie. Families are usually normal, casual but nice.

I am also very athletic and want to wear a dress because he's never seen me in one before and I'm hoping maybe it will get a reaction out of him. But I don't know what to wear with that to dress it down a little so it's not too formal. Most people will be in jeans. I don't want to feel overdressed. I thought of a jean jacket but mine are loose fitting and it doesn't look good. Ideas?


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  • So you're saying that some of the guys on the team show up to a banquet wearing their sports uniform? Really?

    • Yes, really... most of them are like jeans and a polo shirt or something. A couple dress really nicely. But there's always a handful who literally show up in jeans and their uniform shirt. No joke.

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  • Leggings and maybe a nice sweater or jacket of some sort. Leggings under a dress look good as long as the colors go together well, but they also give it a less formal look. Also, something nice like a sweater or jacket that can help it look less formal, but that you can still take off if you want to is always a good go to. And if you have a crush on this guy and he has a crush on you but is too shy/nervous to talk to you, you gotta initiate the convo and let him take it once you get the comfort level there.

    • I have initiated conversations. He literally gets so tongue-tied around me he can barely speak. Even stuff like "Hi" and "Thank you", you can visibly see him searching for words and it takes him a couple of seconds. ONLY with me. It doesn't matter where I am, as long as he's not talking directly to me, he's okay. And he's completely 100% fine with everyone else. But have him talk TO ME and usually he goes speechless. Once in a while he's able to carry a short conversation but he can't look me in the eye most of the time and tends to stumble on his words a bit. It's really cute but also frustrating...

      He's uncomfortable with girls in general but with me, even more so, it seems.

      Leggings are good. *thumbs up* A sweater might be too warm but may have to work. Most of my stuff is either FORMAL or super casual and I don't have a lot in between...

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    • Let me know how everything goes :) Best of luck. You'll get your crush I'm sure :)

    • Thanks so much for your help! :) I'm sure it must be frustrating for him. It also makes me realize how much effort it must have taken for him the couple of times that he has come up to me on his own.
      I'll try and come back and update you! It's not for another week or 2 though so I don't know if it will let me respond after the question closes. Either way, thanks a ton for your input, I really do appreciate it!!

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