Why would a girl suddenly start avoiding eye contact with me if we get along fine?

There's this girl that I know (OK, I like her), and usually we get along good. She used to be really cool with me, talking about a lot of stuff, laughing at almost all my jokes, and even making fun of the people I made fun of.

I have given out some subtle signs of interest and so far I haven't got clear sign of interest or lack of. Recently I kind of stopped given her signals because, well, I thought about giving up on her and stay just friends. But then she started to act really closed with me

She barely says hello, looks at me, or even in my general direction. Sometimes she even covers her eyes with her hands, almost like hiding her face from me, even if we are both talking to the same person. Its really strange. Why would she do this after getting along so well for a long time?

A mutual friend who happens to know I like her, told me that maybe she found out that I like her and is shutting down the interaction so to not give me the wrong idea, And this kind of makes sense, but, when I was actually given more direct signals she didn't reacted like this. And there's this other mutual friend, that when he is drunk he flirts more directly than me with her, and not even him gets this treatment. In fact, she treats him nicer now than she does me, but she used to tell me she would never be interested in him, cause he's a little problematic with booze and he is way older than her. So, I'm not sure if its that, or what the hell.

Any input in this.?


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  • When I used to like my guy friend a lot, and when he was showing what I thought were subtle signs, there were many things I can say to him and I just loved talking to him. But I can never tell if he was truly interested in me, because there are several occasions where he would tell me that I am just a good friend, yet his behaviors were rather flirty. I just take it as that he doesn't like me that way, and being flirty is just something he enjoys doing. It p*ssed me off quite a bit since I don't like guys who plays around with girls' emotions. I tried being close with him, even just as friends, but he kind of guessed that I like him (I never admitted it when he asked) and I am not sure if it was because of that that I feel like he is avoiding me when we are with other friends. It makes things awkward and that kind of annoyed me further to the point that I don't want to talk to him. I treat our mutual guy friends nicer than I treat him, since they don't seem to avoid me, and that I can actually talk to them. And even if some flirt with me, I don't like them anyway, so I don't get annoyed even if they do flirt. But him, because I did like him (I don't think I do anymore), his flirting and then calling me a good friend and then avoiding me when we are with friends kind of lead me to think that he does not like me that way. In fact, I kind of feel like I don't know who he is anymore, even if I did feel very close with him at one point.

    I wonder if the way your girl friend is treating you now is similar to my situation?

    • You know what, I actually thought of this scenario, but, it seemed like wishful thinking on my part. I still like her, and I'm willing to actually telling her I like her, but I'm not sure if its too late. Would it had made a difference in your case if the guy told you that he liked you for real after you stopped talking to him, or, it just doesn't work that waY?? Thanks for your answer

    • I'm not even sure myself, since I am pretty convinced that he does not like me, and I have put in so much effort to actually stop myself to continue to like him, thinking of reasons why I shouldn't like him. If he tells me all of a sudden now that he likes me, I would just take it that he is joking, and would definitely say no. But of course, if he is able spend time to show me that he is for real, rather than avoiding/ignoring me after flirting, then I might consider him again.

    • After all, the only reason I am annoyed with him in the first place is because I feel that he is messing with my feelings. If he is for real, then I would give him a chance, since I did pick him to like at the very beginning.

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  • she likes you.

    coz if she still hangs around you tho she avoids eye contact, she still likes you. why don't you ask her directly when you see her again.

  • wwell ou probaly said somthin ufencive to her or maybe well that's all I got


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  • Wow I've got the same going on right now.. I swore she was mad and pissed off at me so I asked her twice and both times she said she was not mad at me.. but after I told her older sister that I noticed that she has been giving me more hugs the younger one that liked me like started shutting down like crazy..

    What used to be hugs and talking to me now she is distance and I maybe will get a meek "Hi Mike" out of the blue but she will still try and avoid eye contact..

    If she is truly into me I can't see how she would be shy because she is outspoken

    I noticed I think she has been saying something to her friends because they have been looking at me and she said something to her friend's mom which caused her to look at me while the girl that is interested in me looked my way as well.

    Now granted I have yet to tell her in person that I'm interested only because I'm getting mixed signals.. I will wait for my rose to be delivered before going on.

  • she's probable likes specially if she's avoiding your eyes. she probably afraid that you'll see it in her eyes. you said its almost like she's her face from me she probably is. one I was into a girl one time and refused to look her in the eyes for same reason.