Can every girl tell when a guy is "attracted" to her?

Ive been told that every girl on earth no matter what the personality, or circumstances can tell when a guy is physically attracted to her right off the bat? Do you think so or not? Share


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  • It's not that difficult to tell if a guy wants a girl physically, but much harder to tell if he likes her as a person

    • So youd say all girls can tell initial attraction just by looking at a guys face?

    • Yeah, I mean, guys aren't that subtle about it. For me, I can tell because guys stare at me, stare at certain body parts, looks me over from head to toe, and they don't even try to hide it

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  • haven't you seen the thousand of questions on here from girls asking what are the sign he likes me? or does he like me? or how can I tell he likes me?

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    • Lol oh OK not even just physically? OK then thanks for the feedback

  • I don't think that's true at all.

    • Nor do I but I've been told its true- she's saying every guy wears his heart on his face so to speak and I for one dont. I don't show my life story on my face.

    • Maybe it's true for girls who are extremely attention grabbing but not for everyone definitely.

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  • Seeing as girls are generally the ones on here asking "he sits next to me and talks to me and looks at me, does he like me," I'm going to have to say that's utter bs.

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