Do guys look better in shorts or pants?

For me personally, I'm almost always wearing shorts (and not jean shorts/cargo shorts because I find them really ugly) which are always well fitted and in a variety of colors (blue, tan, red, black, white, etc). One thing that I've noticed is that almost all the guys are in pants and wanted to see what everyone's opinion on shorts vs pants are.

By shorts I mean any kind of shorts (jean/cargo/chubbies/active shorts)
By pants I mean any kind of pants (khakis, jeans, joggers, slacks, etc)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Shorts. I don't know what it is but guys always look better in shorts... unless it's cold/they have disgustingly thick leg hair. Then put some pants pls


Most Helpful Guy

  • all I know is that I feel ugly as hell in long pants that arnt jeans


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