If they had the male equivalent of Victoria's Secret or Aerie, would you go to it?

I'm just curious if there would be a market for men's lingerie. I'm not talking about frilly Lacey stuff necessarily, but just more exotic undergarments. Ladies would you buy stuff for your guy and men would you go there?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Victorias secret and aerie dont cater too much to "exotic" under garments anymore. Sure they offer some lingerie but the rest is stuff like "the most comfortable tshirt bra" . It based more on being comfortable yet cute now.
    That said i would still shop at a male version of it. My boyfriend likes to match his boxers to his shirts. His shirts are usually solid bright colored button downs so some fun and comfy boxers that coordinate with his shirt colors would be nice.

    • Thanks for your comment. I just think it would be nice for men to have a store similar to that with more color and style options.

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    • Plus my girlfriend loves me in them so that definitely helps haha

    • Like i said, whatever you're comfortable in. To each their own.

Most Helpful Guy

  • no way. I think, culturally speaking, that men prefer to keep things simple for themselves. They prefer to keep the complicated and fancy underwear on their female counterparts.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Nah, I wouldn't get stuff like that for him, I think we both just like good ol' boxers.

  • Most adult shops have a selection of men's lingerie.

    • Yes I have seen that. It would still be nice to have a store dedicated to sexier styles of underwear and lingerie for men. Many people feel weird about going into an adult shop, but maybe they wouldn't be as afraid to go into a men's lingerie store.

What Guys Said 2

  • The main market for this would be women buying stuff for their guys.

    I could see just about being room in the market for it.

  • I have some noe8


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