Am I just giving off vibes that I'm unapproachable, or am I just unattractive?

I'm really shy around guys and I usually just end up ignoring them altogether, expecting them to approach me. Does this make guys less likely to approach me, does smiling at boys really make you more attractive? I'm really self conscious and I think I'm the only girl who hasn't ever been approached or hit on. I've been told I'm pretty but by older people and my friends, but I feel like they have to say that. Am I unapproachable? How can I seem more approachable? Or am I just unattractive? I'm almost 5'9 and weigh about 163, with a lot of that being muscle. I have blond hair a little past my shoulders and dark blue eyes.


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  • Yea you make yourself seem ugly but you sound gorgeous! If you smile they will notice and want to talk to u! Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and I'm sure there's a guy out there that finds you attractive you jus gotta look for it! Trust me I used to be like u! I would always walk with my head down and put on a mean expression but one day my friends told me I down myself a lot and that I hav a body and personality guys would love and from that day on I gained self confidence I hav guys asking me to dances and whatnot and I can tell you that I'm definitely not the most attractive girl in my school lol! But my favorite saying and advice to you would be "If you got it, flaunt it!" hope I helped!


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  • Shyness is selfishness.

    If you are interested in others: then the shyness disappears.

    • Not true...shyness comes from lack of confidence from my own experience or social anxiety!

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  • I think this probably does make you a little hard for a guy to approach but not impossible! I am the same. I never talk to guys I don't know well. I just stare at my feet. Once I have got to know a guy though I open right up. If you can't open up to guys I don't suggest you try too hard. Part of the thing that makes you attractive is YOU and YOUR PERSONALITY. Anyway, if a nice and worthwile guy really likes you he will not be put off by this. If he is right for you and has a similar personality to you you will be fine.

    Trust me, I have found the best boyfriend ever becasue of being myself.

    You don't need to go looking for love. When its right it will find you.