What percent of Women/Men are attractive?

OK so I have this theory that men find women more attractive than women do men if you disagree write why

So imagine it as a fantasy world where you could have anyone you wanted,I want to know out of all the people you have seen in real life like in school or outside in public etc...(NO CELEBRITIES) how many were attractive enough to go out and flirt with and date or have sex with?

I don't expect you to know everyone you saw but give me a general sense of what you think and if you can't give a percentage give me a number of who many times you've had your jaw drop
100%-80% of Men/Women
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79%-60% of Men/Women
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59%-40% of Men/Women
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39%-20% of Men/Women
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19%- 0% of Men/Women
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Also when you vote Vote for the gender you sexually desire not your own unless your gay of course and if your Bi I don't know you decide
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My bad if I didn't make this clear but total physical beauty
What percent of Women/Men are attractive?
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