What percent of Women/Men are attractive?

OK so I have this theory that men find women more attractive than women do men if you disagree write why

So imagine it as a fantasy world where you could have anyone you wanted,I want to know out of all the people you have seen in real life like in school or outside in public etc...(NO CELEBRITIES) how many were attractive enough to go out and flirt with and date or have sex with?

I don't expect you to know everyone you saw but give me a general sense of what you think and if you can't give a percentage give me a number of who many times you've had your jaw drop

  • 100%-80% of Men/Women
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  • 79%-60% of Men/Women
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  • 59%-40% of Men/Women
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  • 39%-20% of Men/Women
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  • 19%- 0% of Men/Women
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Also when you vote Vote for the gender you sexually desire not your own unless your gay of course and if your Bi I don't know you decide
My bad if I didn't make this clear but total physical beauty


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  • Depends on who the person is and what they find attractive. Personally I can usually find something I like about a lot of people, but if you mean totally physical attraction and nothing else...well. It's still kind of a lot. lol I'm no artist or anything but sometimes I feel like one with the way I see people. I like staring at people and trying to take in everything and see real beauty.

    The hotties do make my jaw drop though. lol Of course these are people I think are absolutely beautiful or totally hot. I'd say like maybe 35-40% of the men and women I see can range from "totally sexified to just meeting hot reqs" lol meaning I find their bodies, hair, skin, eyes, face, etc. attractive and I want to lick every inch of their bodies (esp. if their girls. lol). the other 40% are people that may be generally attractive but I may not be into everything about them at first sight. I may not think they have awesome feet or perfect skin, etc. They might have a bangin body (according to my own taste) but an okay or not so okay face or a beautiful/handsome face and an okay or not so okay body. Or an okay body and an okay face. I would still tap the f*** out of these people if we had chemsitry though :) and if I started dating them or just really liked their personality and got to know them, they would be the most beautiful thing to me because of who they are as people (which is beyond just being "hot" or attractive).

    id say 20% are people who aren't that physically attractive in my opinion. they may be great people and I would never make fun of them but these 20% are people I just don't find attractive at all and it might be hard getting physically intimate with them. Not going to say I'm completely opposed to dating them, but because sexual attraction is something I look for, the physical does play a part. You never know though. The uggo might be the guy/girl of your dreams. :/

    • Yes I did mean physical attraction and thank you for you comment but 20% of people are coming after you for calling them uggo lol

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  • The matter of fact is that there are more attractive women than men, because nature f***ed up...too many desirable girls and too many undesirable boys. Picking decent men out is like looking for a needle in a haystack, I'm sorry, but it is.

    • I disagree, I think there aren't that many attractive men because it would only be on natural beauty if all women went outside without doing their hair and without makeup and everything else women do (solely based on natural beauty)there would be less beautiful women not to say that the women that use makeup are ugly but maybe average which isn't bad for a guy. A guy can only really change his hair and his body but Women can change their very own DNA at times :) but more power to you

    • Nah. I'm talking about their overall looks AND personality to go with it. I still think that lots of women who wear make-up still look okay without it, it's just a matter of preference. Beisdes, men can wear make up, dye their hair, etc. there is no law against it, yet, hardly any men chose to try to make themselves look better...

    • We aren't talking about personality just looks and most or all men wouldn't want to wear makeup or dye their hair because it would emasculate them also men do try to make themselves look better it just never is a huge change

  • I really don't see many guys that I think are hot when I'm out and about. I don't know why, maybe that's because I have a boyfriend and I think he is the hottest guy haha

  • Only 2%of people are actually considered attractive (in society's view anyway)

  • I would say about 30-40% of men are attractive. Not that the rest of them are all ugly! But I would say at least where I live, I'm only attracted to about 30-40% of guys at first glance. Now that doesn't mean that if I was in close proximity with a guy that I didn't immediately find attractive that I couldn't end up feeling more for him, but just off looks, yeah that's the raw percentage. I think there are more attractive women than there are attractive men *no homo*


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  • I think attraction can be categorised in physical & personality, as you won't just date someone just because they are good looking.

    Simply talk: doesn't matter, I'll talk to anyone lol

    Flirt: if I'm attracted physically and after I've gotten interested in what she's shown me thusfar personality wise.

    Sex: Honestly, its more about the physical here, if I think she's good looking but her personality isn't attractive to me./i don't see a future with this girl.

    Date: both are important here, usually I'm attracted to a girl, curious after her personality and I'd like to see more of it, so I ask her out on a date to figure out wether she could be a potential girlfriend/more.

    I think about 80% of women are attractive either physically or have an attractive personality yet only 10% or less are both.

    Its a matter of taste tho as everyone wants something different, I believe I should only be in a relationship with a girl who has both as otherwise it won't be something that'll last.

  • I voted D: 39%-20%

    I'd say of the girls/women I see in public, I find about 1/4 to 1/3 to be attractive enough for me to consider having sex with.

    The top 10 percent are attractive enough for me to actually want to go beyond sex and actually establish an emotional connection for my own benefit, as opposed to the rest of the "doable" segment with whom I'd maintain an emotional connection mostly out of courtesy/generosity.

    After all, if I'm going to have sex with another human being I would feel horribly selfish to not get to know them as a person (before or after the act)

  • I'd say 70% of women are hotties. Maybe 5% of women are insta-boner material. I don't even look at guys, so. I say 70% of women, but that may be overstating. If you don't know what I mean, go to walmart and look around. You will know shortly.

    • I went to Walmart.... whole bunch of old ladies....thanks a lot bro....smh

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