Why are there so many Lonely men in today's dating world?

I mean it's gotten to a point of ridiculousness.
Lonely men in proportion to guys who actually get girls is insane !
I understand Women don't like to hear this kind of things put it's the simple truth.
This is just not a way to justify men who are unlucky with woman its becoming a cold hard reality.
Sure sometime these terms are abused, however the fundamental notion is both observable and easily verifiable in-field as well as statistically. This is why sometimes you'll hear from that one girl say "That's not true, my guy friend is like banging 6 different chicks right now"
not understanding what their doing is just further proving the point that 20-25% percent of men are getting the lions share of women. Women would rather inanely/indirectly share men, than to actually settle down with a lesser successful attractive male. by (Young Patriarch)
Why are there so many Lonely men in today's dating world?
Hypergamy is not a thing that is opinion based, "it's reality".
Mistakes made mostly by women is that they presumes the goal state outcome of sexual dynamics should be to arrive at a monogamous state. This is the consolidation of a female sexual strategy, and because we live in a feminine-primary social order, that committed, monogamous end to women’s sexual strategy is perceived as the socially “correct” goal. In layman's term women only want to be with men they percieve might bring value in the end sight of a relationship which is understandable. But fucked up.
I don't understand why some woman don't like to hear these things because they are true. Words like "Alpha and beta" have become triggerwords. Instead of being Objective, logical and rational.
It's getting to a point where at some time in the soon future were going to have a MASSIVE disproportionate number of Sexually frustrated, angry, lonely men in western society. Who want too like women but women want nothing to do with them. And then people wonder why there's a new shooting in the US every other week. It's a sad reality most men live.
Why are there so many Lonely men in today's dating world?
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