Why can't the Average man get Laid?

(For both Women and Men)
Why is it that is so hard now a days?

Why have woman and Modern day Feminisim made it so hard for causal sex to occur between genders? It's nothing like it was for our Parents generation, It's like we live totally different realities.
For a good 80 percent of men today, lead sexless lives in the Modern world. Casual sex (outside of committed relationships) is near impossible for I'd say 65% of men. Remember ego plays a huge part in men and a lot of Men would rather lie than to admit they don't get laid regularly.
Another 15% in the middle can get it sporadically and mostly luck based, 10% can get it fairly consistently.
Most men have to trade a large, possibly unsustainable output of emotional labor to get sex via committed relationships, and its often more of the duty sex variety.
In comparison to an average woman, it's much harder for an average guy to get laid. Men are far more likely to desire sex without any commitment than women are, so the market for easy, random sex is very lopsided in women's favor.
Men generally have to maintain much lower standards than women do for hookups. Honestly I don't think that the average man (not the top 20-25% attractive successful males who 90% of woman tend to chase) can reliably get casual sex, although the average man has relationships, and he has sex in those relationships in todays modern world.
Many Woman have no idea how this effects Men's Physical and Mental health after time.
Are Woman's standards really that high in the Modern World?
Is there any hope for males out there who'd actually like to have a Relationship with a Woman?(but are constantly rejected by the opposite gender)

Or is this a harsh reality many Men are just going to have to deal with in this Era?

Or are we just in the middle of a massive change in Biological History where Dynamics between both Genders are changing at a massive rate?
Shit ain't easy out here. lol
Why can't the Average man get Laid ?
Why can't the Average man get Laid?
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