Are all Black girls fake?

The vast majority of them wear fake hair, or chemically straighten it. They do this because they know they would not be attractive with their own natural hair.

Whenever I see one walking around with her natural hair, I instantly have more respect for her. I reject all the black women who come to me with fake hair, because it misrepresents who they really are, more-so than makeup would. Its probably more fake than even wearing a padded bra. Long, straight hair is the mark of femininity for women in the eyes of most men.

You also are not allowed to pull on it during sex, whereas with an asian indian or white female, you could. This is very very limiting in the bedroom, as there are only a certain amount of sexual positions you could do. Not fun. Or, she could take it off and look hideous but she would never do that...

Explain to me how waling around with straight hair doesn't make you fake if your black. Is it not self-hate? The only reason you look remotely attractive is because of a EUROPEAN/INDIAN feature that isn't yours...

think hard about that last sentence

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  • LOL... this post is funny

    • Yea it is funny...funny how none of these girls can properly defend thmselves.

      "Other races do it too" is their entire defense.

      But that doesn't matter because the vast majority of black women do it, while the majority of other races do not need too...just because a few of them do doesn't mean anything...

      But you can't explain these things the half-wits.

    • Yeah, I do notice them taking offense. Thing is, I'm from Los Angeles -- where races constantly talk about each others difference in both a serious and joking manner. It's just part of the norm here. "Crackers do it like dis"...and so forth. Point is, LOTS of black people here hate anyone but themselves. I've being called 'white trash!' then returned it back as 'stupid nigga!'. Then we laugh about it, least some of the time. Racial bigotry/jesting is rampant in LA so none of this fazes me.

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What Girls Said 22

  • Woah... I am black, I wear my hair natural, and I am attractive. ...I never wore weave but had braids when I was younger and used to chemically str8ten my hair. Honestly, I didn't know any better. When you are younger your parents pretty much influence you or you want to fit in.

    I wasn't fake when my hair was chemically str8end and I am still not fake now that I am natural. Just because someone has fake hair doesn't make their personality fake or the person fake. Every race known wears fake hair or has considered it and know it as hair extensions aka weave aka fake hair pieces...etc. If they haven't considered it, they know what it is.

    Celebrities wear fake hair all the time to make their hair appear fuller or longer. And there are different types of hair. There is really isn't "fake hair" it's just hair that isn't theirs or synthetic. Most people use real human hair because all synthetics burn when heat is applied.

    There is more to sex than pulling hair. Where are you from? You can't single out black people because every other race is also using hair add-on alternatives, it's just blacks were the first ones to make it popular. Go and find a white/asian chick with hair extensions and she will not want you to pull her hair either.

    I am natural and love it. I don't and neither does anyone else have to have EUROPEAN/INDIAN features to be attractive. Those are your likes in a female so keep you bias opinions to your self because you sounds stupid w/o the facts.

    Get at me bro!... I'm not scared and hiding as anonymous

  • I agree with blufrenzy93. Black women wear weave for different reasons, not necessarily to be fake. And there are plenty of white women and Asians and women of other ethnicity's that wear extensions or even weaves. Your looking at it all wrong.

    • About 80% of all human hair is purchased by black women...

      So a few asian and whites do it too, so what? You have to understand that the vast majority of white and asian women wear their hair naturally and don't wear extensions.

    • Okay, how bout this...Why does it matter! Your obviously hung up over it and see it as a major issue (when it's not). The black girls I hang around most wear their natural hair, some long, some short, but all around my point is that I think they are beautiful. Weave or no weave.

    • It matters because it seems fake to me. That's all. I think fake boobs are a turn-off, padded bras, etc.

      It seems as though many women live lies, while men are forced to present themselves just how they are. Wearing fake hair to me is despicable

      Whenever I see a black woman with her natural hair, I instantly like and respect her more. Same with white girls who are comfortable with their bodies and don't misrepresent how big their chest is

  • k so first of your talking about how you have more respect for her if she's natural then you go on to say that if she took it off she would look hideous and the only thing that makes her remotley attractive is because of a european/indian feature you just contradicted yourself there...

    this whole article is offensive and you obviously had to be an "anonymous user" so that knowone can know who you really are so I guess your being fake too because your "misrepresenting who you really r" just like you said in your articile I'd like to see you go up to a black women and ask her that question oh wait that's right you wouldn't have the balls to do it that's y you have to do it over the internet

    Btw I'm black and I don't have fake hair I used to wear braided extensions in winter because it'd keep me warm not because of what you seem to think is "self-hatred" what to you may seem like a weave can actually be a girls natural hair I know a lot of people think that I wear a weave just because I don't have "out of control frizzy hair" obviously you have no idea what your talking about ignorant people like you get on my nerves

  • Because white girls don't...

    It's possible to straighten our hair and isn't by chemicals...EUROPEAN/INDIAN women do it.

    Think hard about not being a dumbass.

    Please don't date us AT ALL I wouldn't want to possibly run into you dating someone I know.

  • lol do you think white/asian girls don't dye their hair ? straighten it ? curl it ?

    We get our nails done , which by the way is fake, we wear make up which by the is fake,

    we shave our hair, we pluck our eye brows, all that is fake.

    Guys also do things to maintain or change how they look, so are they fake also ?

    In that case every girl/guy is fake to some degree just because you take care of yourself or try different things with how you look doesn't make you fake

  • you can't just pin point one race, I live in the uk and I no a ton of WHITE girls who chemically straighten there hair, extensions, do the whole fake eyelash thing, eyebrow threading, fake nails, fake tan does that mean that ALL us white english girls are fake? maybe their not comfertble with their own hair. your coming across as racist. you clearly have an issue with black girls so why have sex with them and slag them off about 'there hair you can't pull' during sex. get a life mate

  • Wearing a weave doesn't make you fake. I do agree it has something to do with how black women are viewed in society. We are even told by some black men that they don't want natural hair on a black women or don't even want us period.

    I've been natural for almost two years and I really had to come to terms with myself to do it. I'm not saying weaves are wrong. But the good thing about our hair is that it's so versatile. We don't really need to have a relaxer to straighten our hair. It can be done with a flat iron or hot comb. The next day, we can walk in with curls.

    When I was transitioning between chemical and natural hair, I had to protect it. How did I do it ? I wore different types of weaves until my hair was ready to be fully natural. My hair was braided and tucked away under the weave against the harsh elements.

    So to sum this all up, reasons for wearing a weave differ from person to person.

    • I think it comes down to believing the only way to be attractive is to have a fake european/indian trait.

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    • if you've seen his movie then why the hell are you arguing with me? The movie goes against your point. THe vast vast majority of blck women wear fake hair, NOT the other way around

    • What does me watching his movie have to do with my opinion ? I watch South Park and think it can be extremely racist sometimes, but that doesn't mean I'm racist. Chris Rock is one of my favorite comedians because he makes he laugh my ass off. I may not agree with everything, but it's funny. And who gives a f*** if the "vast majority" wear it.

  • most white girls get tans (purposley), fake boobs fake butts, fake lips and your calling us fake...

  • No. Not all...besides all racial groups do this not only black...just look at britney spears hair?

    Anyways... link

    She is purely natural...and not not all black women are like this.

  • your question is."are all black girls fake"...i have one too...are you really that retarded?

    honestly..i don't think anybody really cares to have your respect anyways:)

    at least not after they read your stupid question!

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What Guys Said 3

  • "Long, straight hair is the mark of femininity for women in the eyes of most men." really? is this a fact that is in wikipidia? Our American culture and media has pushed so hard that "white" beauty is the standard of beauty. Some black women want to straighten their hair because they feel it is more appealing to men. It may be true for some men but I must say that black women have been blessed with more beauty then white women. most black women I know do not have to wear any foundation. they have more beautiful skin overall. they have a more curvy and beautiful butt. If I were to choose between being a black woman or white woman I would choose to be black. There are some black women that you can pull their hair in the bedroom. If the woman does not want or cannot have her hair pulled that really limits what can be done in the bedroom? you can't accomplish a lot of sexual positions because you cannot pull their hair? Your question or whatever this was is very confusing. Black girls are not fake. If you include the whole package of hair nails and skin I would have to say that black women are way less fake then white women.-just my humble opinion and I did not want anyone to think that my comments included everyone white or black. my answer is based upon my experience

  • Well I would say yes and no. To me in general, yes because attitude is not a replacement for intelligence. and with all that other fack sh*t its even worse. So I just don't date them. I am pretty turned off by blacks. But some times I see a big ass and I'm swayed but will not go for it. I've been with some black chicks I'm not racist just prejudice to liking other chicks.

  • i like natural straight hair in girls like the one I I like white, mixed and asians


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