Do you wear socks with your Ugg boots?

This happen Sunday, it was my daughters best-friends birthday she was having a party at the movie theater to see frozen 2 (they are ten). Most of the moms dropped their daughters off but me and a few other moms in our friend group stayed. It was chilly out, so I think every mom was wearing a pair of Uggs and most of the girls. So, after the party my daughter and the daughters of the moms that stayed wanted to go back to the birthday girls house and play. So, we all went to their house.

The girls ran to the basement and the mom's stayed up stairs. The rule is no shoes in the house, so we all took off our Uggs. That’s when one of the moms blurted you guys aren't wearing socks!. It was half and half with the six of us the other two wearing socks also were shocked. I told them that I never wear socks with mine because i like the feel of the soft fur. The other two backed me up This started a debate about it. The socks moms said that that it will make them smell and ruin them. But none of my pairs have ever smelled and I had them smell mine to prove it and they were amazed, and it turns out two of their pairs did smell. We even asked the girls if they wore socks the socks moms told them they have to but it turns out none of the them did.

I have had Uggs for a long time and they used to come with a card saying to wear them without socks so that's how I did because it was so comfy. later after they never smelled I looked up how that was possible. Turns out it because sheepskin is special.

other closed toe shoes you 100% should wear socks because they will 100% smell without but Uggs are one of those weird exceptions to a rule that we all get to enjoy the comfort of. If you have never tried Uggs without socks because you can’t get over thinking they will smell you owe it to yourself to try them without even if it is just to the mailbox.

Honestly, I think they are so comfy without I think I would wear them without even if it did make them smell lol.
Without - I love the fur! :)
Both but mostly without.
Both but mostly with.
WIth - But I will give it a try! :)
With - I don't like the feel :(
With - They will smell!
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Do you wear socks with your Ugg boots?
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